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Chapter 10: Freedom Opens the Door of Responsibility

Unless you have seen the ship in your vision with total clarity, you will not be able to recognize it when it comes. How are you going to recognize that your ship has come? You can recognize it only because a thousand-and-one times in your dreams it has been there - slowly, slowly becoming more and more clear.

It is as if you have seen it thousands of times, so when it comes - even when it is far away, surrounded by mist - you recognize it, you know it. This is the way it has been coming into your dreams. And when you see it coming closer, and the mariners and the captain standing on the deck, you are absolutely certain: these people belong to the land from where you come - because you have dreamt about the land, you have dreamt about these people.

If the ship comes without your active desire and active longing, you may miss it. It may come and it may go, and you may not be able to recognize that it is your ship, that it has come for you, to take you back to the original source.

I really love that image of you being like the sun rising in the morning, and us, your disciples, being like the birds and trees and flowers starting to sing and dance in the warmth and light.
It looks to me like there is one difference in the analogy: the actual sun doesn’t have a mischievous sense of humor, and the actual birds and trees and flowers aren’t giggling - or are they?

In the whole of existence it is only man who can giggle and laugh. Laughter is part of the highest consciousness achieved by man.

You are right: the sun rises, but there is no laughter; the birds sing, but there is no giggling. They are far lower as far as consciousness is concerned. Your saints also don’t laugh; in your churches also there is no giggling. It is not an improvement for consciousness, but a going downwards, backwards.

Seriousness is a disease.

Only the sick mind is serious.

The youthful, the young, laugh, dance, sing, giggle. But with the serious mind, man loses that beautiful foam that comes on the ocean waves. Although it is just foam, without that foam those waves will look naked. That foam makes almost a crown to the waves. With the white foam, tidal waves coming towards the shore remind one of Himalayan peaks, where snow has never melted - eternal snow. And the whiteness of the foam gives a beauty, a life, a certain dance to the wave.

I am against all those religions which make you serious - and almost all the religions do make you serious. They destroy all possibilities of laughter: laughter seems to be profane. But I say unto you: Laughter is the most sacred phenomenon on the earth - because it is the highest peak of consciousness.

It is not only the religions, but almost all kinds of serious people - whether they are religious or not - are serious because the society gives respectability to seriousness.

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