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Chapter 13: Penetrating the Hearts of Men

These sutras are very meaningful. They say to revere life in all its forms because the more reverence you have, the deeper you can go. God is not really beyond but, rather, within this life. Godliness is the center, the very center, and life is just the periphery. Move deeply into life and you will reach to the very center, the very ground of life itself.

God is not the creator; he is the very creativity. Christian concepts about “God the creator” have created much confusion. These attitudes are a little childish; good if you are talking to children, but nonsense if you are talking to people of understanding.

It appears from the Christian and Mohammedan dogmas that God created the world somewhere in the past. He created the world in six days and then, on the seventh, he relaxed. And after that, he has not done anything. The world started running on its own.

This concept creates a divisive attitude: that God and the world are two different things. That’s not true. God has not created the world and made it separate from himself. It is not like a painter. A painter paints a picture - then the painter is one thing, the picture is something different. The Hindu concept is deeper. Hindus say that God is not like a painter but, rather, like a dancer: Shiva the dancer - like a dancer, because the dance and the dancer are not two. You cannot separate them. The painter can be separated from his painting, but the dancer cannot be separated from his dance. Dancer and dancing are one.

God is not the creator, a separate entity. God is the very creativity, the very life. If you are against life, you are against God.

Gurdjieff is reported to have said a paradoxical but very true statement. He has said that the so-called religions are all against God because they are against life.

Authentic religiousness is always for life, never against it.

If you move deeper into the dance, you will reach the dancer. The dance is just the form: if you move deeper in the dance you will reach the very heart of the dancer. If you move deeply into life, you will reach the life-originating principle: godliness.

God is creativity. Or, if you allow me to say it, I would like to say that God is the very existence itself. God is life. Jesus has said “God is love.” That was one of the reasons he was crucified - because he called God “love.” Love is condemned, it is a sin, and he called God love? He must have looked very rebellious, he must have seemed too much in favor of the life on earth. The old Jewish mind, the old religious mind couldn’t tolerate it: “This is sacrilege! Jesus talking about God in terms of love? God is beyond life and love! You must leave everything: life, love, everything. Only then can you find him. And this man Jesus - he brings God down to earth and he talks in terms of love.”

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