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Chapter 23: Miracles Are Mostly Fiction

Apparently, it seems, bringing Lazarus back to life is a miracle. But what is the point? He will die again; you have not given him the taste of immortality. Real miracles are invisible to the ordinary mind. I don’t believe in these miracles, because they are not miracles.

You are asking about my miracle. I have never done anything deliberately, because to do anything deliberately is to go against the natural flow of existence. I am in a total let-go. Yes, things have been happening around me. I cannot take the credit for those things, because I have not done anything.

People have come to know for the first time the mysteries of love, the mysteries of life. People have entered into their very interiority, into their subjectivity, where one meets oneself.

And that is the greatest miracle in the world, to meet oneself.

People have become silent, serene, calm and quiet. People have become one organic unity. Such a deep harmony has happened to them that their whole life is resounding with music and poetry.

I have seen the crippled, and almost everybody is crippled by society, gaining strength and dancing in abandon. Dancing to the point where the dancer disappears and only dancing remains. Singing to the point where the singer disappears and only singing remains.

These are the moments which open the doors of the divine. These are the moments you are no more your ordinary self, you become part of the ultimate, of the universal self.

These are miracles. Changing water into wine is a criminal act, not a miracle. But without water I have seen my people so drunk; in their drunkenness they realize their divineness. But I have not been doing anything. I have not been here for many years. The day I disappeared, miracles started happening around me. Love has blossomed, people have become awakened from their sleep of many lives.

But you cannot attribute them to me. At the most my presence is just a catalytic agent. Perhaps it triggers something in you; transforms you, brings to you new dreams, and new realities, and new spaces. But remember, you are not to be grateful to me. You have to be grateful to existence itself, that it has given you the opportunity.

The people who claim miracles for themselves are not religious people. They don’t know even the taste of spirituality.

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