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Chapter 9: Your Suffering Makes You Special

This is because of the English character; it is one of the most phony characters in the world. It does not want to raise any controversial conversation. Politics is dangerous, there is controversy; religion is dangerous, there is controversy; literature is dangerous, there is controversy. Except the weather there seems to be nothing non-controversial - something on which both can agree without any problem.

It is said that two Englishmen were traveling in a compartment for almost three hours. Then the ticket checker came in, looked at them.they were looking very sad and depressed. He asked.. One said, “Three hours sitting, not even somebody to talk to.”

He said, “Just in front of you another Englishman is sitting - you could have talked.”

The man said, “But how? - because nobody introduced us. Without an introduction it is a kind of trespass.”

I have heard another story too, that a man went to meet his wife - a four or five-hour journey. The wife had come to the station to receive him, and he was looking very tired, utterly tired. She asked, “What is the matter? Why are you looking so tired?”

He said, “It always happens when I have to sit in a position where my back is against the direction of the train. If I am sitting against the direction of the train - the train is going this way, and I am sitting facing that way - then my whole body gets very tired.”

The wife said, “But there was no problem. You could have asked the gentleman in the front seat, ‘This is my trouble; would you be kind enough to change?’“

He said, “I wanted to but there was no gentleman, the seat was empty. Whom to ask?”

These are very sophisticated people.

Just now I was reading that the most prestigious directory of the royal family’s noble blood has dropped many names out of it in the new edition because they were all AIDS victims. Now, you can see even noble people have ways which are not noble at all: noble people with ignoble lifestyles. But that is all underground. On the surface everything seems to be the way it should be. More or less it is the same all over the world; nobody wants really to drop their suffering.

You have to ask this question very sincerely:

Are you ready to be lonely?

At least your suffering, your pain, your misery, makes you somebody special. It gives you a certain character, it gives you a certain identity. Moreover it is your misery, nobody else’s. It is your possession, your prestige. If it is just taken away from you, you will be a beggar.

You ask me, why is misery so difficult to get rid of?

It is difficult because you don’t want to get rid of it.

It is also difficult because you have many misunderstandings.

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