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Chapter 29: Passing the Mind’s Borders

That night, when Joseph was taking Mary on his donkey from one house to another and was refused.that shows our barbarousness, that shows our inhumanness. And all these people may have been very religious people - going to the synagogue, very particular, reading the Torah, full of wisdom - but as far as their action is concerned, it doesn’t show any wisdom, it doesn’t show any understanding.

Finally he finds some poor man who said, “I don’t have much, just the stable of my horses. If you want to stay in the stable, you can stay. Nothing better..” It was almost nothing, but being on the street.. It was humiliating to give birth to a child in a stable with donkeys and horses, but there was no other way: Jesus is born in a stable.

One need not have a palace to become religious. It doesn’t matter where you are; what matters is what you are.

And you have said the same is happening with me - that I have knocked on doors, not only of one city but around the world. I have not harmed anybody, but all the doors are closed. My ideas seem to be dangerous to them. And my ideas can be dangerous only to those who are mediocre, who don’t have any intelligence. If they have any intelligence, my ideas will give them new dimensions to think about, new skies to fly in; new flowers will blossom in their being. But to a mediocre mind they are dangerous. They are dangerous simply because he cannot understand them.

Moreover, nobody wants that anybody has more intelligence than him. Nobody wants that anybody has more insight into reality than they have. The politicians are against me, the religious leaders are against me. It is a tremendous experience to see how poor is the world as far as intelligence is concerned.

If I am wrong, prove me wrong. That will give me joy.

If I am right, then have the courage to accept it; that will help the evolution of man. But they are not ready even to listen.

That reminds me of my grandfather.

Out of the whole family he was the most friendly toward me. But he was not an intellectual, he was a farmer. I used to go with him to his farm, and he would put earplugs in his ears. I discovered it only later on - just one day one of his earplugs fell out. I said, “What is the matter?”

He said, “You say strange things that I don’t know anything about, and I don’t want to appear ignorant. And to say anything to you is dangerous because you immediately argue. So I have found this strategy. You go on talking; nobody is listening. I simply go on accepting whatever you are saying as if I am listening.”

“But,” I said, “you could have told me that you don’t want to listen. Why should I waste my breath? And you have to be unnecessarily deceptive.”

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