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Chapter 16: From House to Home, from Home to Temple

Now going in a bus, with all the facilities available by the side of the road. A beautiful phenomenon has been corrupted. And the people who have corrupted it think they are serving God because now more people can go there. Now Badri Kedarnath is always crowded. These are not the right people. Their only qualification is that they can afford a ticket for the bus. But the people who used to go on foot were given a farewell by the whole town because there was not much possibility of their returning. The path was dangerous, the height was dangerous, but they had heard a call, and they were ready to sacrifice their lives for it. They were brave people.

Then, in the silence and eternal peace of the Himalayan peaks, Badri Kedarnath was a totally different phenomenon. It was a temple. Now it is not even a home. It is just a house surrounded by all kinds of business people, shops. Whatever you want you can get. It has become a bazaar. Now only idiots go there, or tourists, which means the same. It used to be a spiritual pilgrimage because of its risk, because you had to put yourself aside, you had to drop all your fears of death.

In a superficial way he is right: Build of your imaginings a bower in the wilderness ere you build a house within the city walls. Cities have become prisons; nations are bigger prisons. The whole of humanity is living imprisoned without being aware of the fact. Do you think Pune is a place where people live? It is a prison.

In the Old Testament it is said that there used to be two cities, Gomorrah and Sodom. And God became so fed up with those people because Gomorrah was homosexual and in Sodom, people started making love to animals. Hence, the word sodomy: from the city of Sodom. God completely destroyed both cities. Nagasaki and Hiroshima are not a new thing: it happened in Gomorrah and Sodom thousands of years before.

But every country, every city, every religion is trying to hide the fact. In Texas, nobody had ever heard that people were homosexual. It is the most backward part of America, it is a desert. Thinking that in Texas there was not going to be a problem because there were no homosexuals, the Texas assembly passed a law that homosexuality is a crime. Anybody who is caught and found to be homosexual will have to suffer five to ten years in jail. But it seems idiocy has no limits, because jails are one of the places where homosexuality is the only expression, because you keep women and men separate.

But as the law was passed, the whole of Texas was shocked: one million homosexuals protested, saying: “It is our birthright. What we do with our sexuality is nobody else's business, and if you insist.” They have now formed an organization, and they have all gone underground. Underground means. it is not written on anyone’s face that he is homosexual. This is more dangerous, because these people will no longer be known as homosexuals and they will go on making every kind of contact with others.

America is reluctant to declare exactly how many homosexuals there are. Every country is reluctant, because it is such an ugly thing.

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