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Chapter 39: Mysteries of Existence

You must have seen a puppet show -puppets dance, hug each other, do all kinds of things, and just behind the curtain is the puppeteer who goes on pulling their strings. If those puppets had souls they would have thought, “My God, this girl looks beautiful; I’m falling in love” - but the puppeteer is doing the whole thing. Neither you are falling in love nor the girl is falling in love, but to the public and to yourself too.. The puppeteer is managing the show, so you are hugging the girl and kissing the girl, and even saying to her, “I love you and I will love you forever.”

In India there has been a long tradition which believes that we are all puppets; God is the puppeteer. He pulls strings - we dance, we sing, we rejoice, we weep, we cry, we are miserable, we are happy. Everything is in his hands.

I am against the whole idea, because if there is a puppeteer then man does not exist; then man has no freedom, only a facade. But this seems to be the situation in many fields. And they manage very beautifully - silently, underground. On the surface everything is calm and quiet.

Uruguay will never know that a stranger was here: that he had loved the country and the people and he wanted to stay here. And he was absolutely harmless.

But in America’s eyes I am the most dangerous man. That’s what the American ambassador told the president: “He is the most dangerous man because he is extremely intelligent, and he is anarchist. And he is powerful enough to change the minds of men. So don’t take on this danger unnecessarily. Even we could not afford this danger. You are a small country; you will repent.” I am not a terrorist. I don’t make bombs, and I don’t teach violence.

I teach love. I teach meditation. I teach silence.

But for the people who are in power these are more dangerous than nuclear weapons because if people start meditating, they will not remain mediocre, as they are. They will become intelligent enough to see that idiots are ruling them, and that idiots have an immense power of destruction in their hands.

If people are silent, peaceful and loving, they will throw out all these politicians - who are nothing but warmongers.

This is the “danger.” But I think we need such dangerous people in the world, because only these dangerous people can save the world from being destroyed in a third world war.

But it is easy to create a fear and they did it all the way along. All over Europe, in each country I reached they created the idea, “This man is dangerous” - so dangerous that England wouldn’t allow me even to have an overnight stay in the first-class lounge of the airport.

Fear seems to be infinite. What could I have done? In the middle of the night I reached there and by the morning I would be leaving. Just sleeping in the lounge of the airport I would have destroyed England’s morality, England’s church, England’s government? - I was a “dangerous man.”

That’s what was told to the British parliament - because the next day the question was asked: “Why was he not allowed to stay in the lounge?” And the answer given was, “He is a dangerous man.” And nobody bothered to inquire, “What are the implications of ‘a dangerous man’? What do you mean by ‘a dangerous man’?”

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