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Chapter 4: I Mean Business Here!

In the past the distinction was very much created, culture-oriented. A girl had to be brought up in a different way than a boy - in an utterly different way. I am not saying that there is no difference. There is a difference between man and woman but that difference is only biological. But the society creates a psychological difference: “These things are allowed for boys only, because ‘boys are boys’ and these things are not allowed for girls.” A psychological difference is created from the very beginning. The difference that you see between men and women in the world is ninety-nine percent created, nurtured; it is not natural. There is a one percent difference that is biological - that doesn’t matter. Living here you live in such a togetherness that you will become oblivious of the fact of who is a man and who is a woman.

In the old days, with the old-style sannyas, people had to go away from women to the caves, to the monasteries. There are Christian monasteries where no woman has ever entered, has ever been allowed to enter. On Mount Athos there is a monastery - for twelve hundred years not a single woman has been allowed to enter. And what to say of a woman? - not even a girl of the age of six months, not even a six-month-old girl has been allowed. Just see the fear! And what kind of people must be living there if they cannot even allow a six-month-old girl? Maniacs called monks - or monkeys - but not men, must be mad. And it is in the monasteries that all kinds of monstrosities have arisen.

Homosexuality was first born in the monasteries; it is a religious phenomenon. It was bound to be so. If you force men to live together in a place where no woman is ever allowed, sooner or later homosexuality will come. Masturbation is a monastic practice, it came out of monasteries. All kinds of perversions are bound to be there.

There are monasteries for women too - only women are allowed, no men ever - and their whole fantasy world consists of men. They cannot get magazines like Playboy, but who needs them when you have enough time to fantasize? Their fantasy is so pornographic that magazines like Playboy are nothing. Their fantasies are more psychedelic.

These people who have lived in such a monastery, if they are allowed to come back to the world, naturally, their meditation, their prayer, their religion, all will be disturbed.

Monks have been very afraid of money. Naturally, if they come into the world, money has to be tackled. You cannot live in the world without money. And monks have been so afraid that they will not even touch money. See the fear, the obsession.

Acharya Vinoba Bhave, the chief disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, does not touch money. But what kind of obsession is this? Touching a ten-rupee note, how can it harm you? And if it can harm you, what kind of spirituality is this? Such an impotent spirituality. Not only he cannot touch it, but if you bring money in front of him he closes his eyes - he cannot even look. His guru, Mahatma Gandhi, used to keep three monkeys - somebody had given him a present. Knowing him, the present was exactly the right present. One monkey is sitting with both his hands over his eyes, not looking: “Don’t look at many things in life because it is dangerous.” Another monkey is sitting with his hands over his ears: “Don’t listen to many things because it is dangerous.” And the third monkey is sitting with his hands over his mouth: “Don’t say many things because it is dangerous.” And the monk has to do all three things together. That’s why I say a monk is a monkey three times over.

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