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Chapter 24: A Complete Holiday for Your Whole Life

A young man came from the university with the degree of MD. His old father was waiting for him, because he was tired, working his whole life. Three of his sons were studying at medical college - if at least one comes back, he can take his place and support the other two. And the young man immediately said, “You need not be worried. You rest and relax, I will take care.”

And the third day he approached his father and said, “Dad, the woman you have been treating for thirty years I have cured.”

The father said, “You idiot! That is the woman who has paid for your education and was paying for your two other brothers. I was keeping her in this condition. She was so rich she could afford to be sick. She was not poor.”

To be rich and to be sick is very dangerous. To be poor and to be sick is not very dangerous. You will be cured very soon, because you cannot pay much. On the contrary, you may ask the doctor, “What about the medicine, what about the food you have prescribed? I don’t have any money.” The doctor will think, “It is better to cure him and get rid of him.” But when a rich man is sick, then it becomes professionally a very strange dilemma in the mind of the physician: to cure him or to have him linger on - because the more he lingers on, the more money you get. If you cure him, you don’t get that money.

But if computers can manage, then many professions will be affected. And these will be the professions that prevent it; they will make a thousand and one excuses: God never created a computer, computers are dangerous because they will take all intelligence away from you. What are you doing with your intelligence? - being miserable, being jealous? At least computers will not be jealous and will not be miserable. What are you doing with your intelligence? Destructiveness, all kinds of wars, all kinds of violence.

Computers can give you a complete holiday for your whole life. You can relax. You will have to learn how to relax, because you have all become workaholics. For thousands of years, work, work, work hard! Computers will go against your whole conditioning about work. Laziness will become for the first time a spiritual quality: Blessed are the laziest, for theirs is the kingdom of this planet. And in their laziness, if they want, they can make beautiful gardens. It is just out of joy, for no purpose. They can paint, not to sell, but just to rejoice in the colors, the mixing of colors, the dance of colors. They can play music, not for any monetary reason, not as a business, but simply as a playful joy.

What man has dreamt of in paradise, life can really become here on this planet. There is no need to go that far. And nobody knows the way and nobody has ever gone there. And those who have gone have not even dropped a card: “We have arrived!” Such miserly people - just a Christmas card.. But paradise has to be created; there is no paradise in existence. It has to come out of man’s awareness, consciousness.

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