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Chapter 20: There Is a Bigger Universe Within You

But the blind man believes in light, has to; he has no eyes. You will be surprised that the blind man not only believes in light, he also believes in darkness. Ordinarily, people think that a blind man must be living in darkness. That is not true, because to see darkness you need eyes. Without eyes you can neither see light nor can you see darkness. Darkness and light are not two things, but two poles of one reality.

You can define darkness as less light, you can define light as less darkness; the difference is of degree. Our eyes have a certain capacity - very limited. All our senses are very limited. Below that limit you cannot see, above that limit you cannot see. For example, right now thousands of radio waves are passing, but you cannot hear them. You have to use a radio; a mechanism which is more sensitive than your ear can catch those sounds which you cannot catch. The same is true about all the senses.

The blind man is forced to believe in light, is forced to believe in darkness. And his belief keeps him blind. If he was not given the belief, and if he was told that he is blind and needs his eyes to be cured, that he does not need a philosophy, he needs a physician - perhaps he would be able to see. And the moment he sees light, the question of belief does not arise: he knows it.

Any belief indicates your ignorance, your blindness, but gives you a false sense - as if you know.

Just a few days ago the American Scouts leaders rejected one of their best scouts - a fourteen-year-old child, the topmost amongst all other scouts, winner of many prizes. They were promoting him to a higher post, and he had to fill in a form.

This is one of the basic beliefs of the Scouts: God exists. The boy refused. He said, “I don’t know. And unless I know, how can I say God exists? You are forcing me to lie.”

In the twentieth century in America, the boy is thrown out of the Scouts because he does not believe in God! I don’t see the point. What does God have to do with the Scouts? And why should this be a fundamental for every scout?

I hope that the parents of the child take the case to the court. And if they cannot, then we are ready to take the case to the court for the child, because it is simply inhuman. He was the best cadet, and just a stupid thing.. And on that ground also he is more right than all the leaders of the Scouts who have determined their constitution.

All that he said was, “I don’t know. How can I can say God exists or not? First I have to know.”

Knowledge is punished.

Inquiry is punished.

Darkness, blindness, obedience, are rewarded.

The case must be decided by the Supreme Court of America in the favor of that little boy who has asserted the very birthright of man: to inquire and to find.

And the clause about God, should be removed from the Scouts’ principles.

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