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Chapter 9: The Phenomenon of Unconsciousness

The masters go on saying “Know thyself.” The masters go on invoking, challenging “Enter into your own being. Go inwards.” People listen, but they never follow because of the fear of this inner darkness. Whenever they look in there is nothing but darkness. Outside there is a little light; inside there seems to be no light.

Have you ever closed your eyes and sat in silence looking inwards? The moment you are really broken away from the outside, you will fall into darkness, into sleep. And the well of that darkness is very deep. Just on the surface a little consciousness exists, and that too not constantly. There are moments when it is there, and there are moments when it is not there. And it is very rarely there; more often it is not there. It is delicate and fragile.

That’s why I say “Handle it with prayer” - it is very fragile. And unless you grow deep into your consciousness. you will never know anything of truth, of freedom, of God, of bliss. Those words will simply remain words; they will never become alive in you, they will never bloom in you. You will never experience them - what they mean. God is an empty word unless you are conscious. Christ is an empty word unless you are conscious. Buddha is a myth, and all those talks of superconsciousness, nirvana, samadhi, the “kingdom of God.” are just parables - they don’t mean much. They can’t mean much, because the meaning has to come through your consciousness. The words are empty of content. You have to put the content in them. Only then will they start beating with life, only then will they start moving, dancing with life. Only then will flowers come and fragrance be released.

This is one of the most fundamental things to be understood about man: that man is only partially conscious. And that consciousness is more or less dependent on outer circumstances, not on you. It is not even your consciousness; it is not rooted in you, it is not centered in you, it is not coming out of you.

This is the whole problem that religion has to face. And the whole science of religion is nothing but an alchemy, an art for transforming darkness into light. The seers of the Upanishads have been praying down the ages: Lead me from darkness to light. Lead me from death to deathlessness.

In darkness is death. In darkness you are already dead. In darkness you don’t live, you can’t live. Only in light is there life, and life eternal, and life abundant.

Before we enter into this small parable, try to focus yourself on this phenomenon of unconsciousness.

A motorist who had broken down on a quiet country road opened the bonnet and inspected the engine.

“The trouble’s in the battery” came a voice from behind him.

The motorist turned round, but the only thing in sight was a horse watching him from a field. This completely unnerved the man and he set off down the road.

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