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Chapter 4: Trust

The things that Ta Hui is saying in these sutras, he must have heard from a very right source. But he himself is only an intellectual; hence everything that passes through his intellect changes its form. This change is so subtle that unless one becomes enlightened himself, he will never see where the intellect has deceived him.

Just listen to what he is saying:

Actively try to clear out your mind.

Who are you? Do you know yourself as distinct from the mind? If you know yourself as distinct from the mind, the mind is cleared away. The question of actively trying to clear out your mind does not arise. The mind is there because you are not there; you are fast asleep, you are not alert. The darkness is there because you have not brought even a single candle, and just a small candle is enough to dispel vast darkness. This is how the mind misinterprets - and still it feels that one is going on the right path.

The enlightened man can say to you, “Dispel all darkness.” But the only way to dispel darkness is to bring light in. The intellectual will understand that dispelling darkness means actively fighting with darkness, throwing it out of the house. But can you manage to empty your room of darkness just by bringing out buckets full of darkness and throwing it away? The room will still remain dark. The only thing that will happen will be a tremendous frustration, tiredness, disgust with the whole idea. But if you had an understanding that is not from the mind, but from the beyond.. that comes only through meditation, and this man is not talking about meditation at all.

It is only through meditation that your inner light, which is dormant, becomes suddenly active and alive. It is an eternal source of light. Once the light is there, darkness is automatically dispelled. Even to say dispelled is wrong, because darkness does not exist; it is only the absence of the light. Darkness does not have its own existence, so you cannot do anything directly with it.

Whatever you want to do with darkness, you will have to do something with light. If you want darkness, put the light off. If you don’t want darkness, put the light on. But you can act only with light, because light is a positive existence. Darkness is simply an absence of light - and so is the state of our mind.

Mind is your absence. The moment you are present, there is no mind.

So the absolute emphasis of all the buddhas of all the centuries has been simply this: Come to consciousness, become a presence, and there will be no place for the mind and all its ingredients - greed, anger, delusion, dreams, hallucinations, ambitions, the whole lot.

If you start listening to people like Ta Hui and working according to their idea, you will get more and more in a mess. He is saying, actively try to clear out your mind. He is giving you a wrong direction, without any intention to take you on a wrong path. But intentions don’t matter. What matters is whether the indication is in the right direction or not.

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