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Chapter 23: The Night Song

Even the great sun that has been giving us light for billions of years, has become old and everyday its reservoir is becoming emptier. Scientists say that in perhaps a few million years it will have spent all its fuel, all its energy. It will become a dark star and the moment the sun becomes dark, life on this planet will disappear immediately - it depends on the sunrays, it is nourished by the sun.

The day has its beauties, the day has its mornings; the awakening of the trees and the birds. The day has a life of its own, but there is no need to choose between day and night because night has its own beauty, its own truth.

Darkness has silence; compared to the silence of darkness, light is very poor. Silence has depth, immense depth, and the silence of the night is not the silence of a graveyard, it is a silence full of song - many songs. The stars have their own songs, their own dance; the moon has its own song, its own dance. And even the earth, surrounded in darkness, is not dead - it is fully alive, it has a music; those who have ears can feel it. The wind passing through the pine trees brings its own songs, and the water descending from the mountains also brings its own dance.

Zarathustra wants to have both. When you can have both, why create this contradiction?

“Lead me from darkness to light,” means you are afraid of darkness, you are still childish.

“Lead me from darkness to light,” is nothing but a fear-oriented prayer. Otherwise, night is a rest, a relaxation, a rejuvenation, a preparation for the next day. It takes away all your tiredness, it takes away all the dust that has gathered in the day, and in the morning you are again young, again fresh, again ready to create something. But it is in the womb of the night that you attain this freshness, this youth, this energy.

It is in the night that all the great dreams have happened to humanity. They may take hundreds of years to become realities, but everything that has become real has come to man first only as a dream. Night is not only the womb where you get your life refreshed, it is also the womb where you get the dreams for your future progress.

Zarathustra wants never to choose. His message is of a choiceless awareness, a life of choiceless awareness; enjoying everything that existence provides you with. Why cling to the light?, why not explore the beauty of darkness too? Why cling to life?, why not adventure into the unknown lands of death? Those who had been praying, “God, lead us from death to life,” must be obsessed and deeply afraid. And the person who is afraid of death cannot live his life totally, because death is not separate from life just as darkness is not separate from light.

Zarathustra will not choose. Zarathustra will enjoy and sing the song of the day, the song of the night. He will dance in the early morning sun, and he will also dance under the starry night.

It is night: now do all leaping fountains speak louder.

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