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Chapter 12: Real or Unreal

In short, you are completely false. I don’t believe in compromises. Either you are real or you are unreal; it is not possible that half of you is real and half of you is unreal. The real and the unreal cannot meet. It cannot be that a certain percentage in you is real and the remainder is unreal. It is impossible. It is not allowable by the universal law of consciousness. The real and the unreal never meet.

Have you ever seen light and darkness meeting? Either it is light or it is dark; you cannot have both together in your room - one sitting on this side of you, the other sitting on the other side of you so that you can enjoy both the light and darkness.

A meditator enters into his mind and starts watching how the mind functions. Just the very fact of watching the mind makes him aware that he is not the mind, and he is not anything that belongs to the mind. He is a faraway entity, qualitatively different, just a pure watching.in other words: just a pure mirror which only reflects the reality but is not imprinted by any reality.

If the ugly face comes in front of it, without any judgment, without any condemnation, it shows the ugly face in its full detail. And when the beautiful face appears there is no appreciation, no evaluation either. It shows the ugly face and the beautiful face with the same detached, faraway, reflective witnessing.

The moment you become a witness there will be no need to leave your ego outside the gate. In fact, the ego will have left you; even if you run after it you cannot catch hold of it.

So the right process has to be understood. The ego is not something like your umbrella and your shoes and your raincoat that you leave outside the gate. The ego is hidden inside your mind. Of course you cannot leave your head outside, and the ego comes along wherever you go.

The ego has to be understood. In that understanding it disappears. Only a witness knows that the ego is a false entity and you need not fight with any false entity.

Do you ever fight with darkness? When you find darkness in your room, do you struggle with it to throw it out? Do you wrestle with it? Do you start taking out your sword to cut off the head of darkness? If you do any of these stupid things, you will simply show your unintelligence. You will not be able even to touch the darkness that is in your room. You cannot put it into bags and take out the bags and throw them into the neighbor’s house.

With the negative nothing can be done directly. If you want to do anything with the negative, do something for the positive. When you don’t want darkness in the room you bring the light. You don’t bother about darkness. Your whole approach is totally different. You bring the light in, and the moment the light is in you don’t find any darkness.

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