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Chapter 1: On the Road of Sighs

You will be moving with one of the greatest souls for a few days again. It is a pilgrimage, a holy pilgrimage; you will be walking on sacred ground. Be very alert, watchful, loving, open, vulnerable, then something can arise in you which can become a transformation; something can be triggered in you. But remember, it is not caused from the outside, it is not a question of cause and effect. Hence it is beyond the reach of science. Science can only understand the law of cause and effect. If something can be caused, it is bound to fall into the field of science. But truth cannot be caused.

Still, in the presence of the master it can happen. It happens uncaused; it is a synchronicity. It is as if somebody is dancing and something is triggered in you - not caused, remember, because no dancer can cause a dance in you - but you start feeling something. You start swaying, you suddenly feel a rush of energy, you would like to dance yourself. This is synchronicity: something has happened in you, parallel but not caused.

I will be here just like a hollow bamboo, available to Hakim Sanai so that he can sing his song, so he can dance his dance. If you are open, something can start happening in you. It will not be transferred from me to you - it cannot be transferred; it will not be caused. I will not be the source of it, you will remain the source of it. But it can be triggered: I can function as a catalytic agent.

These few days, walking with Hakim Sanai, can be life-transforming. You will be here with one of the greatest human beings ever - a human being of the caliber of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed.

But remember, the first thing, truth is not a tradition. If you believe in tradition, you will never come to know what truth is. Tradition is a belief, borrowed; it is knowledge but not experience. Tradition is scripture, philosophy, words and words - words and words about words. It is a great jungle of theories, and you can be deceived by it very easily. The mind is ready to fall into the trap of it.

Because truth is not a tradition, it cannot be approached through the mind. The mind is a tradition, the mind lives out of the past. The mind is always old; the mind is never original, it is never new, it is never fresh, it is never young, it is never alive. The mind is nothing but the accumulated past; all that you have known in the past has become a tape inside you. It is not the reality of this moment. The mind is a tradition.

Hence if somebody says he is a Hindu or a Christian or a Jaina or a Mohammedan, he is saying he is not religious. He is saying he belongs to the past, not to the present. He is saying he belongs to the mind and not to consciousness.

Consciousness is always of the here and now: it knows no past, it knows no future. And that is the beauty of consciousness - it is meditative. The mind is a thought process, a procession of memories, imaginations, dreams, projections. Consciousness is a purity, a mirror, that simply reflects the reality as it is.

All belief systems have to be dropped, only then can you be a Sufi. And to be a Sufi is the greatest thing that can happen to anybody.

Nobody else except man can be deceived by words; nobody except man can be deceived at all.

I have heard:

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