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Chapter 13: Godliness: An Experience of Immense Joy

The politician uses the same strategy. The politicians and the priests have always been in deep conspiracy, they have divided man. The politician rules the outside and the priest rules the inside, the politician the exterior and the priest the interior. They are joined in a deep conspiracy against humanity. They may not even be aware of what they are doing - I don’t suspect their intentions, they may be absolutely unconscious.

Just the other day I received a letter from Mother Teresa. I have no intention of saying anything against her sincerity - whatsoever she wrote in the letter is sincere, but it is unconscious. She is not aware of what she is writing; it is mechanical, it is robot-like. She says, “I have just received a cutting of your speech. I feel very sorry for you that you could speak as you did. Reference: the Nobel Prize. For the adjectives you add to my name I forgive you with great love.”

She is feeling very sorry for me - I enjoyed the letter! She has not even understood the adjectives that I have used for her. But she is not aware, otherwise she would have felt sorry for herself. The adjectives that I have used - she has also sent the cutting with the letter - are deceiver, then charlatan and hypocrite.

The deceiver is not only the person who deceives others. In a far more fundamental sense the deceiver is one who deceives himself. Deception begins there. If you want to deceive others, first you have to deceive yourself. But once you have deceived yourself you will never become aware of it unless you are shocked by somebody from the outside - shaken, hammered. You will not become aware that the deception has gone very deep on both sides, it is a double-edged sword.

She is a deceiver in this double-edged sense. First she has been deceiving herself, because meditation can certainly create a life of service, a life of compassion, but a life of service cannot create a life of meditation. Mother Teresa knows nothing of meditation - this is her fundamental deception. She has been serving poor people, orphans, widows, old people, and she has been serving them with good intentions, but the way to hell is full of good intentions! I am not saying that her intentions are bad, but the results don’t depend on your intentions.

You may sow the seeds of a tree with the intention of growing beautiful flowers, and only thorns may come out because the seeds were not those of flowers at all. You did it with good intentions, you worked hard, but the result will come out of the seeds, not out of your intentions.

She has been serving the poor, but the poor have been served for centuries and poverty has not disappeared from the world. Poverty is not going to disappear from the world by serving the poor - in fact, this whole society exists through serving the poor. The poor have to be served in some way so that they don’t feel absolutely rejected. Otherwise they will take great revenge, they will go wild, they will become murderous. It is good to keep them consoled that this society is doing so much for them, for their children for their old people, for their widows - it is a “good” society.

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