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Chapter 5: This Moment Is Enough for Me

Every day there are phone calls, letters, threats to assassinate. I don’t care a bit about them. And attempts to assassinate me have already been made in India. Twice I have been poisoned. Once a knife has been thrown at me.

And I was just joking when I said that I would prefer assassination better. Ninety-nine percent people die on their beds. That’s a very common and ordinary way of dying. In fact, everyone should be afraid to go to sleep on the bed. That is the place where ninety-nine percent of humanity has died. You should pull your mattress on the floor, that is better.

Since the commune appears to function both spiritually and financially around you, after you’re gone what will become of Rajneeshpuram and your followers?

They are intelligent people. They will find ways to function. I am no one to decide their future. I will leave it open for their intelligence to function.

Even now I don’t decide anything. I simply explain my position, my attitude. Then it is up to them to do whatsoever they want.

The ultimate decision is their own. They cannot throw the responsibility on me.

I’d like to know where you envision yourself and this commune ten years from now.

I never think of the future. Ten year is too long. I don’t think even for ten minutes afterwards, what is going to happen.

Future is simply nonexistent. This moment is enough for me. And I am enjoying it to its fullest.

Do you travel much outside the commune aside from your drives?

No. Even my drives are within the Rancho Rajneesh, our own land. I don’t go out.

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