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Chapter 19: Rabbis and Rubbish!

Nobody is a leader here. These people are not my disciples; they are my friends, they are my fellow travelers. We share something which is not of the mind, which is beyond mind.a silence, a serenity, an ecstasy, a tremendous blissfulness and an experience of eternal life.

These are not theories. I am not preaching to them. These are happenings which are becoming more and more actual in more and more people’s lives. It will certainly be difficult for doers to understand it. I can say only one thing - it is a beautiful haiku by a great master, Basho, and it explains everything, perhaps even that which cannot be explained. Basho says in this haiku.it is a small poem, only a few words, three lines:

Sitting silently,
Doing nothing
And the grass grows by itself.

If you look logically it seems absurd. But if you see it existentially, lovingly, aesthetically, with the heart of a poet, you can see immense meaning in it.

Sitting silently, doing nothing - that’s what we mean by meditation - the grass grows by itself.everything else happens by itself. You simply learn how to be silent, how not to do anything - and the flowers will blossom on their own, the birds will sing on their own, and your life will become a happening, an ongoing experience, moment to moment, of tremendous joy.

I never think in terms of a movement, in terms of making a church, a religion; I simply go on sharing my heart with whosoever knocks on my door. And the grass goes on growing.

There are one million sannyasins around the world, and at least three million people who have tremendous sympathy towards me and towards my people. If you want to know something about miracles, this is the miracle - not walking on water, that is simply stupid; not turning water into wine, that is criminal.

The only miracle I know of is the miracle that starts happening like a wildfire spreading from heart to heart, changing and transforming people’s consciousness and bringing them to a higher level of being - creating a new man in them.

People from the outside looking at you and your friends are confused. They talk about brainwashing, while you are talking about deconditioning. If the surrender of your people to you is not escapism into a hedonistic dream, what is it then?

In the first place there is no surrender at all. Nobody is surrendered to me; they all are surrendered to love, just the way I am surrendered to love. They are all surrendered to higher states of consciousness, not to me; I don’t count at all. Include me out!

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