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Chapter 32: The Great Accident

I used to go to the university by way of the court. One day I stopped the car and called him and asked, “What kind of job have you got? - because mostly I see you outside the court.”

He said, “I don’t have any job. I am a professional witness.”

I said, “What is that?”

He said, “You don’t know what a professional witness is? I witness for anybody. So outside I find a client, a customer who wants a witness. He has done something wrong; I can witness and prove that he has not done it.”

I said, “But you must be taking the oath..”

He laughed, he said, “I have taken the oath so many times it does not matter anymore. And even the judges know me, the advocates know me, the criminals know me. When the advocates find that it is very difficult to save a criminal, they seek my help. I am an eyewitness for anything. And I have become so expert in all these ten years that I earn more than the advocates.”

There is no point in the oath. Who cares about a book when there are scientific instruments available which are absolutely certain? And more sophisticated mechanisms can be invented. The man can be hypnotized, and in hypnosis he cannot lie; he will have to say the truth. There is no way to lie, because in hypnosis he is unconscious. You can record everything that he says. And when he wakes up after hypnosis, let him listen to the record. He will be simply surprised: he has told everything that he wanted to hide.

Hypnotists are needed in the courts, hypnotic devices are needed in the court. Lie detectors are needed in the court. A very fair mind, not bigoted, having no conditions - that should be the training of a judge. He is no longer a Christian, no longer a Hindu, no longer a Mohammedan, no longer a communist; his only function is to decide what is true and what is untrue. Beyond that, he has no ideology to impose, he has no mind to interfere with the truth.

The whole education of the judges should be of deconditioning. Silently he should listen to both sides, watch the lie detectors, listen to their hypnotic states, and decide. Within three days even the greatest case can be finished, and absolutely only the criminal will be punished. Neither advocates are needed, nor are witnesses needed. These are unnecessary parasites.

But everywhere mediators have been exploiting human blood. Man has to be made conscious about it. Every institution that civilization has created needs total change, a new orientation.

Can a person become enlightened by accident?

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