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Chapter 30: The Path Goes Round and Round

Remember a basic law: the higher can see the lower and can understand it; the lower cannot see the higher and cannot understand it. So what is happening is perfectly right. Just don’t disturb yourself by sadness that can drag you back.

Rather than moving onward, you can go backward and you can find the love again. But then you will not be evolving in consciousness, you will be stuck, and stuck at the lowest rung of the ladder. It is natural to feel sad because you don’t know what is going to happen ahead. You only know that something is lost. You don’t know that it is lost only to appear again when you come to the same point, having gone right round the hill - but at a higher place.

You will see the same beauty and the same scenic experience, but you will be at a higher evolved consciousness. And with you everything goes on deepening, becoming more clear, becoming more than just an experience. It goes on becoming your very being.

The day silence, love, blissfulness, ecstasy, all become not experiences but your very being - you breathe them in and out; your heart beats with them, dances with them; your being is filled with them, it is no more something that is coming from outside.on the contrary, it is something that is overflowing from your innermost source - then only will you understand that there was no need for any sadness at any moment.

Just to help you to drop the sadness:

Mona was applying for a job at the whorehouse.

“So,” said the madam, “just how expert are you?”

“I don’t like to brag,” said Mona, “but I can make love standing on my head.”

“Great,” said the madam, “you are the one I want. There is a yogi waiting downstairs.”

I am very afraid to write to you, but I need to tell you: thank you for telling me the truth about myself.

Dhyan Om, there is no need to be afraid. I am happy that you have understood the truth. You have been living unnecessarily in misery.

In all relationships nobody is responsible for misery. Just the very nature of a relationship is that it turns sour at a certain point. It is neither you nor the other who is responsible for creating the misery, but both are suffering immensely. And the nature of the mind is such that it goes on clinging and hoping, even hoping against hope that perhaps tomorrow things will be better, that it is only a passing phase. You go on somehow consoling yourself.

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