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Chapter 8: A Blissful Milieu

A master simply listens to you, watches you, observes you, loves you, permeates you, envelops you. And slowly, slowly starts helping you to be yourself. A master is not an authority. And the master in fact cannot be an authority, because he does not give you answers. He simply helps you to understand your question. He makes your question profound, he gives depth to your question.

The real answer does not put an end to the question, but to the questioner. A real master does not put an end to your questions, he puts an end to you. He kills you. He kills you so that you can be that which you are destined to be.

Now listen to the question again. The questioner must be a newcomer here. “As I come to understand more deeply how completely the mind has been conditioned..”

Who is this one who has come to understand profoundly and deeply? Is it not the same mind? The dog trying to catch its own tail! What is profound in it? If you have understood profoundly, you should not have asked the question. If you have seen that you are separate from the mind that is conditioned, then there is no questioning.

No, this is not your understanding, this is knowledge. You must have gathered it from people like J. Krishnamurti and others. This is not your understanding; otherwise the problem is solved. And if this is your understanding - that a master will create an authority, that the relationship between a disciple and a master will again be a new kind of conditioning - then why are you asking me the question? Because this will create an authority.

You say: “Can you please go into this more deeply?”

Why do you need me to go into it more deeply? If I go more deeply into it, it will be conditioning you. How can my answer have any importance to you if you have understood that all answers from the outside are conditioning? This will be an answer from the outside. You should not ask such a question.

But the question has arisen. And I trust more in the question than what you say in it. It shows that you have been thinking about it, reading about it - but this is not your own meditative understanding.

You say: “As I come to understand more deeply..”

Understanding is a totally different phenomenon than knowledge. Understanding transforms your being - in understanding, the question is finished. And remember, understanding is never more and less. You cannot say, “As I understand more deeply” - understanding is depth; you cannot use the word more. Knowledge is shallowness, understanding is depth. To say “a deep understanding” is to repeat the same thing; it is tautology, because “depth” means the same as “understanding.”

Either you see or you don’t, there are no degrees between the two. There is no quantitative difference between two understandings. Knowledge and understanding - yes, there is a difference, an immense difference; they don’t exist on the same plane. Know-ledge can be more or less, because knowledge is quantity; you can have more knowledge, you can have less knowledge. You can accumulate, you can go on accumulating, you can learn more, you will have more.

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