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Chapter 5: Knowledge Is That Which Liberates

People said that even if the flowers blossomed, what did it matter to her? she was not going to pass along the same road again. She said, “I see flowers all around which have grown from seeds thrown by others and I am delighted. I owe a debt to those who sowed those seeds. By throwing these seeds I am paying back the debt. I imagine that others who pass by this road some time will be delighted, even though I may not pass here again. Even in my imagination I feel delighted at that happy prospect and I feel overwhelmed.”

Have you ever imagined somebody being delighted because of something done by you? Even if you can understand by imagining it that somebody may be delighted because of you, or that somebody’s heart may glow because of you, that is enough.

What liberates ultimately is education. What leads a man nearer to his soul, nearer to the truth, is education. And who will help you in this? The other? No, nobody else can do this for you. Each day you have to purify your inner gold in fire and let the impurities burn so only the pure gold remains. One has to rise above one’s own self continuously. The education that teaches this process becomes liberating.

I have told you a few things. I will tell you one more thing and complete my talk. Whatsoever misery, darkness, hatred and violence are born in this world of man are due to understanding false knowledge to be knowledge. If we really want to transform the life of man, a clear distinction between false knowledge and real knowledge will have to be made. Whatsoever teaches the means and methods of earning a livelihood is false knowledge. Whatsoever teaches life not livelihood but life is knowledge.

So we should have false schools as well as real schools. False schools should be those where one can learn methods of earning a livelihood because without bread man cannot live. But by bread alone man cannot live either. As it is now, we are calling false schools, real schools. Not only that, we even associate such beautiful people’s names with them, such as that of Mahavira. We name a school, “Mahavira Vidyalaya”, Mahavira School. So far there is not a single school on the earth worthy to be named after people like Mahavira. That will take time. Right now all schools are those of ordinary men; not one school of Mahavira is here. But it can be so; if we work, it can be so.

I pray to God, and to you, that some day there can be schools of Mahavira, of the Buddha, of Christ of those who knew, of those who lived life and attained Life.

I am grateful to you for having listened to me with love and silence, and I salute the divine residing within you. Accept my salutations.