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Chapter 23: Religion Is Just Rubbish

So we have to be aware that many good things will have to be thrown out. But it is not going to be a loss, because once man is deprogrammed, he is now free to grow according to his nature. Now he will not be American, he will not be Christian, he will not be Catholic, but just a human being, as he was born. Deprogramming brings him back his second birth.

When he was born he was neither American nor Christian nor Catholic. He had no name. He was just a potentiality to grow - which has been destroyed by people, society, religion. They have been molding people for their own interests.

And our whole program is never to mold a person, because every molding of the person is destructive to his individuality. It is going to be against his nature. And then he will never be blissful. Against nature there is no joy. Against nature there is no ecstasy. Against nature there is except misery, suffering, agony, nothing else.

One has to follow his own instinct. They have to be understood, these two words: instinct and intuition. Instinct is unconscious nature and intuition is conscious nature. First your instinct has to be freed from all the fetters of principles, dogmas, right and wrong, morality and immorality. Instinct, completely natural, has tremendous beauty. That is the beauty you see in the animals. A deer just jumping, running, has a certain beauty which man has lost. His jumping and running has a grace that comes from instinct. He is not jumping and running, it is nature jumping and running through him. He is just instrumental. This is the first step towards ultimate freedom, that your instinct should be allowed all growth possible.

And alongside, you should continue to meditate, because meditation is not a program. Meditation is just a method of becoming aware of what is happening to you. No disturbance, no judgment, just watching what is happening in you. If you go on watching your instincts and their growth, a moment comes when your instincts start changing into intuition.

The word is very significant. We are given tuition everywhere. That tuition is to repress your intuition. In the schools, in the colleges, in the universities, you are given tuition. It means something from the outside being forced upon you, and intuition means something coming from your innermost core. If you are unconscious, then it will remain instinct. If you are conscious, then instinct plus awareness is equal to intuition. Then for the first time you have found your master within yourself.

Intuition is your master, your real university. And now you don’t need any scripture, you don’t need any guide. Your inner light is enough to lead you to the ultimate goal of enlightenment.

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