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Chapter 13: Passive Alertness Is the Key

Hindus have always been saying that your real master is within you, and the outer master is just trying to bring your inner master up, to make your inner master functional. Whenever your inner master has started functioning, the work of the outer master is done. The outer is just a representative of the inner.

I am your depth. Once your depth has started functioning I am not needed. Once I feel your depth has started answering you I will stop answering you. All my answers are not really concerned with your questions; all my answers are concerned with how to create the response within you so your inner depth starts speaking to you, so your own consciousness becomes your master.

Be more meditative. Be more silent. Allow more and more stillness to penetrate you.

What is to be done? How to be more meditative? In a sense, nothing can be done directly, because whatsoever you do directly the mind comes in. If you try to be silent you cannot be, because the mind is trying. Wherever mind is, disturbance is. Mind is the disturbance, mind is the noise. So if you try to be silent, mind is trying to be silent. You will create more noise which is now concerned with silence. Now you will try, and think, and do this and that, and you will get more and more uneasy.

Nothing can be done about silence. Silence is already there, you just have to allow it. It is just like sunlight. Your windows are closed and you cannot bring sunlight into your house in bundles, in buckets. You cannot do that. If you try you will be foolish - and many are doing that.

Simply open the windows, open the doors. Allow the breeze to blow. Allow the rays to come in. Invite and wait. You cannot force. Whenever you force, things go ugly. If a man forces himself to be silent his silence will be ugly, tortured, forced, artificial, just on the surface. Deep down there will be turmoil.

So what is to be done? Open your mind and wait. Look at the trees, look at the parrots screeching. Listen to them, don’t do anything. Whatsoever is happening around you, just be a passive alertness. The light on the water, the river flowing, the noise, the children playing, laughing, giggling - you just be there, a passive presence, open, listening, seeing, not thinking. The birds are there in the trees, making a noise, singing - you just listen.

Don’t think, don’t create a second series in your mind about what is happening. Just let it happen, and sooner or later you will feel that the mind has disappeared and a silence has come to you. You will actually feel it descending on you, penetrating every pore of the body, reaching deeper and deeper.

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