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Chapter 8: It Is Just a Joke

“You tell us again and again not to desire enlightenment” - Yes. Because desire is the bondage. The so-called religions have been teaching people to desire enlightenment. They have created much confusion. I am doing nothing, just clearing the whole confusion that has been put into your mind. They say: Don’t desire the world, don’t desire worldly objects, don’t desire money, don’t desire power, prestige - desire God, desire enlightenment, desire heaven, desire virtue. But when you desire virtue, when you desire God, nothing has changed in you. Only the object of desire has changed. Desiring has remained the same. First you were desiring money, now you desire God. The object has changed, now you have an other-worldly object, but have you gone through any transformation? You still desire.

The nature of desire is the same, it doesn’t depend on the object. God or money makes no difference. You desire - that is the thing.

Because in desire, you have moved into the future. In desire you have already missed the present moment. Desire means you are not here-now. Now the mind has gone somewhere else. And how can you enjoy that which is happening now, when the mind is somewhere else? How can you delight in that which is already showering on you when the mind is not here? Life goes on showering, God goes on surrounding you, but your mind is somewhere else - in the future, in some result, in desire. That’s how you miss!

Desire allows you space to move into nowhere; and you are always here, your concrete existence is always in the present. But the desire helps to create other worlds which are not.

Look at a man desiring money. He has ten thousand rupees - he cannot enjoy them because he is desiring ten lakhs of rupees. He is miserable. Those ten thousand don’t make him rich. He is miserable. Those ten lakhs that he is desiring make him poor. He will enjoy only when ten lakhs are there.

But, do you think he will enjoy? When ten lakhs are there the mind must have moved again, because the mind has learned the trick of how to move: from ten thousand to ten lakhs, from ten lakhs to ten crore! The proportion, the distance, will remain the same. By the time he attains ten lakhs the mind is already desiring ten crore.

He cannot enjoy ten lakhs, he is not rich because of them, he is poor because of ten crore.

You start meditating, you cannot enjoy that which is happening to you, your mind thinks of enlightenment. And I tell you, even if it was possible for enlightenment to happen - which is not possible - you would not be able to enjoy it. Your mind would move to some other great enlightenment. That is the nature of desire - to go on moving. If God was there just standing in front of you, you would have already moved to some other great God - this God won’t do. Not enough. Not fulfilling.

One has to understand how the mind functions, that’s all. A tacit understanding of the functioning of the mind - and suddenly you start laughing; the whole trick is understood.

Then, it is not a question of changing objects but of simply dropping the desire - and when I say “dropping the desire” please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean that you drop it. When the tacit understanding is there, it drops. Suddenly you see the point: that life is here, and desire is there. You see the point - and desire disappears. It is just a line of smoke around you, nothing substantial. You need not even push it. You understand - it has disappeared.

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