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Chapter 10: Seriousness: The Disease of the Ego

This is going to happen to you also. Before it happens, if you have any questions to ask, ask your personality. Because once it happens, you cannot ask. There is nobody to ask. Someday, suddenly you will disappear. Before it happens you can ask, but that too is difficult because before it happens you are so fast asleep, who will ask? Before it happens there is nobody to ask, and when it has happened there is nobody to be asked.

The second question:

Please explain how the seed is burned in final samadhi.

You always cling to words! And I know that is natural. When you hear the words samadhi, seedless samadhi, the seed has burned, now there is no more seed, you hear words, and then questions arise in your mind. But if you understand me, then these questions will become irrelevant. “The seed is burned” does not mean that actually something like that happens. What happens is simple, simply this: that when nirvichara samadhi is attained, thoughts cease. Suddenly there is no seed to be burned. It has never been there; you were in a hallucination.

This is a metaphor, and religion talks in metaphors because there is no other way to talk about things which belong to the unknown. It is a metaphor. When it is said the seed is burned, the only meaning is: now there is no desire to be born, no desire to die, no desire not to die; simply, there is no desire.

Desire is the seed, and how can desire exist when thoughts have ceased? Desire can exist only through thinking, in the form of thought. When thoughts are not there you are desireless. When you are desireless, birth and death disappear. With your desire the seed is burned. Not that there is a fire in which you burn the seed - don’t be foolish. Many have become victims of metaphors. These are poetic ways of saying certain things, through a metaphor.

Just understand the essential. The essential is that desire leads you into time, into this world. You would like to be this and that, you would like to attain this and that; future is created. Time is created by desire. Time is nothing but a shadow of the desire. There is no time in existence.

Existence is eternal; it has never known any time. Time is created by your desire, because desire needs space to move. Otherwise, if there is no future where will the desire move? You will be always against a wall, so you create the future. Your mind creates a dimension of time, and then the horses of desire can gallop fast. Because of desire you create the future, not only in this life but in other lives also, because you know desires are so many. And desires are such that they cannot be fulfilled: this life won’t be enough - more lives are needed. If this is the only life, then the time is too short, too many things to do, and such a short time - nothing can be done. Then you create future lives.

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