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Chapter 17: On the Master’s Operating Table

After fifteen hundred years Sigmund Freud came to the same conclusion - he had no idea of this incident - that the people who teach in the schools, who choose the profession of teaching, somehow are people who don’t have the courage to go into politics but still want to dominate. That is one thing to remember about teachers. In my vision not everybody should be allowed to be a teacher. It is one of the most fundamental things in life. Only people who have a meditative understanding and no desire to dominate should be allowed to be teachers. Then they will not hurt others, just to feel powerful themselves.

I had graduated from the university, I had topped the whole university. I simply went directly to the education minister and I told him, “I need to be appointed as a professor in a certain university.”

He said, “You are strange. You should have applied.”

I said, “Applications cannot represent me. I have come myself.”

But he said, “You need qualifications.”

I said, “I have all the qualifications that you need, and I have much more.”

He said, “What is much more?”

I said, “Look into my eyes. I have no desire to dominate the way you have the desire to dominate. I am not a politician. And just because I don’t have any desire to dominate, I am qualified to be a teacher.”

He said, “Strange argument. No application, no certificates, no moral certificates.”

I placed my certificates before him and I said, “These are the certificates. But if you cannot see me, what will you be able to see in these certificates? And I am saying to you that I simply qualify on a ground which will be absolutely necessary in the future for every teacher.”

He looked into my certificates and he said to me, “Speak quietly! There are clerks and typists and other departments by the side.”

I said, “I don’t care about anybody. You just give me the appointment in the university I want; otherwise I am going to give a press conference and you will be unnecessarily embarrassed, because as far as educational qualifications are concerned they are amply fulfilled. What more do you want than a man who has topped the whole university? What more do you want than a man who has received as many marks as nobody else before? What do you want from a man who has this certificate from one of his examiners?” It was just a letter written to me saying, “For my whole life I have been waiting just to see something like the way you have answered the questions. In my whole life I have never given the first class award to anybody.”

He was well known all over the country, particularly in this part, because I think he belonged to Pune or nearby, Professor Ranade. He was at that time the greatest professor of philosophy in India. In his letter he said, “I wanted to give you one hundred percent marks, but I hesitated because people may think that I am somehow favoring you. So please forgive me, I am giving you only ninety-nine percent. And the reason I am so impressed by your answers is that they are not from the textbooks. It seems you have never read your textbooks; it seems that you are the only person I have come across” - and he was an old man, a retired professor - “who has responded to the questions spontaneously.”

I said to the education minister, “What more do you want?”

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