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Chapter 10: Man Is Born in Tao

Said Nasruddin, “Every night I have a dream, a horrible dream. The dream is that I am on an island with twelve beautiful women.”

The psychiatrist said, “I don’t see the problem. What is horrible about it? Twelve beautiful women, and you are on your own with them! What is horrible about that?”

Nasruddin said, “Have you ever tried loving twelve women, alone, on an island?”

But you are loving twelve thousand women. Every desire is a woman. And your whole life has become a nightmare - so many desires, so many horizons, so many things to be reached before life is lost. That’s why you are in such a hurry - you cannot be anywhere. You go on running and running and running until you simply fall into the arms of death; that is the end of your whole effort.

Remember, the first thing is that needs are beautiful.

And this is the difference between other sages, so-called sages, and Chuang Tzu - needs are beautiful, desires are ugly. The distinction is: need comes from the body and desire is created by the mind. Happier are animals, the birds, the trees, because they have got no mind to desire; they are happy wherever they are. They live and they die, but they are never in anguish; the tension is not there.

This is the first thing to be remembered - the distinction, the clear-cut distinction between desire and needs. And accept needs, nothing is wrong with them, but drop desires - everything is wrong with them, because they don’t allow you to be here and now. And that is the only existence possible. There is no other existence. Bloom like lilies in the field, sing like birds in the trees, be wild like wild animals.

And don’t listen to the poisoners. Enjoy simple bodily needs. How many needs have you got? One needs food, one needs water, one needs shade, one needs a loving heart - that’s all. And if there were not so many desires, the whole world would become a Garden of Eden this very moment. Because of desires we cannot pay attention to simple needs. And look.even animals can fulfill their needs, but man cannot fulfill his needs. Why is man poor? Not because the earth is poor but because man is mad; he puts more energy into desires. Reaching the moon seems to be more important than feeding the poor. What is the use of reaching the moon? What will you do?

But this is the whole trend of the mind. With the money America has wasted in reaching the moon, the whole of Asia could have been fed, all the backward countries could have been developed. And what have you gained by reaching the moon? The American flag is now on the moon - this is the gain. And there is nobody to even see it! And now other planets are the target. The moon has been conquered - now other planets have to be conquered. Why this moon madness? Why this lunatic craziness?

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