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Chapter 6: Only Now Is

This is how mind can nourish itself, and it can dream about the joys of finding God and the beauties and the blessings. It can create paradise in imagination - and all these are simply dreams of the mind. The moment you think of the future, you have slipped out of reality and fallen into the ditch of dreaming. My effort here is to bring you out of your sleep and dreaming.

I am not teaching a way, so you cannot claim that my way is the best way - it is not a way at all. You cannot say that this is the only way, because I am saying there is no way at all. I am simply trying to make you alert to that which is already there. It is beating in your heart, it is godliness beating in your heart. It is pulsating in your being; every fiber of your body, of your being, is alive. That aliveness is godliness.

God is not a person but only the presence. Feel it now! If you can ever feel it you can only feel it now - now or never. Hence I don’t give any opportunity for your mind. You would like me to say something about how to find God, where to find God, where to go. You will be perfectly happy if I give you ways, goals, faraway, distant goals; you will be tremendously happy. Why? Because the goal helps you to remain the same as you are, the goal helps you to remain asleep and dreaming. It becomes a new dream, a new desire, a new ambition: How to attain God? It becomes a new ego trip.

I am shattering your egos, because your egos are a kind of shell that surrounds you and keeps you oblivious to the reality. It keeps you encapsulated within yourself, does not allow you to open your eyes and see what is happening.

God is this total existence happening. Be silent and know. There is nowhere to go, there is nothing to achieve, no ambition has to be fulfilled. God has already decided to be inside you; that’s why you are alive.

So, don’t get unnecessarily confused. I am not proposing a way in competition with the Mohammedan and the Christian and the Hindu and the Parsi. What I am saying has nothing to do with Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism. What I am saying is simply a statement, a naked, bare statement of the fact that you are God - already, as you are. Nothing has to be changed at all. Only one thing has to happen and that is not a change really but just the other side of you. One side is sleep, the other side is awakening. One side of you, one aspect of your coin, is sleep, darkness, the night part; the other side is the day part. Just wake up.and you will be surprised that there was no need to desire anything. God has already given it to you. He has given himself; he lives in you, he resides in you. If I can help you to remember this, that’s all.

That’s why you feel the difference but you cannot figure it out. This is the difference. All religions are ways; all religions are new directions for the ego, new projections, new desires, and sometimes far more dangerous than the ordinary desire is. A man desiring money is not in such a mess as a man who desires God, because money can be found by desiring; money can only be found by desiring, and God can never be found by desiring. God can only be found by non-desiring.

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