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Chapter 4: Freedom Is Something Inner

Hopelessness always comes if you have been hoping too much; it comes in the same proportion. Expect and you will be frustrated. Hope and sooner or later you will feel hopelessness. Hence my whole effort here is to make you free from hoping. If you become free from hoping you will never be trapped into any hopeless state. Hopelessness is a by-product of hoping. Frustration is a by-product of expectation. But it is natural, in a way.

When you come to me, you come with great hopes; you want to become enlightened, you want to become a buddha. But the problem is, I cannot help you to become a buddha because you are already a buddha! There is no need for you to become a buddha. Becoming is not the question at all - buddha is your being. And whenever you drop this idea of becoming, suddenly you will recognize the buddha within.

What I am doing here is not helping you to become somebody, but just to recognize who you are. All the devices here are just devices to make you remember - not devices to help you become, but only to remind you.

The family moved from the city to the suburbs and was told to get a watchdog to guard the premises at night. So they bought the largest dog they could find.

Shortly afterwards the house was broken into by burglars who made a good haul - while the dog slept.

The householder went to the kennel-owner and told him about it. “Well,” said the dealer, “what you need is a little dog to wake up the big dog.”

That’s what you need! Buddha is fast asleep in you. Just a little device, a little dog will do - to wake up the big dog!

Mrs. Mulla Nasruddin and her neighbor were chatting about their teenagers.

“Is your son hard to get out of bed in the morning?” asks the neighbor.

“No,” replied Mrs. Mulla Nasruddin. “I just open the door and throw the cat on his bed.”

“How does that wake him?”

“He sleeps with the dog.”

My work consists of such things, throwing a cat on your bed.. It is not some great work - it is sheer fun!

The second question:

What do you say about modern art?

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