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Chapter 12: Today We Claim the Rainbow

Even one FBI person was overheard to say here that when he saw all the bugging devices he was amazed, he could not believe it. He said that whoever has done this has surpassed Nixon and Watergate, because the way it was done was far more sophisticated.

And how many houses have they bugged? The whole hotel - all the rooms were bugged. Anybody staying in the hotel was staying in an imprisonment. Even bathrooms were bugged. You could not be allowed to have your thoughts or just sing a song of your own without it being known to Sheela immediately.

She had bugged my room. She was continually insisting for many days that a switch for a buzzer was needed - a buzzer for the guards who are on the roof of my house - so “if you see any emergency you can inform them.”

I said, “I live in the room. The curtains are drawn almost the whole day, except only for one hour - half an hour when I take my lunch, half an hour when I take my supper. And anyway, if somebody is coming towards the house the guards on the roof will see him first. Their visibility is bigger. And I mostly sit with closed eyes. It is absolutely useless; but if you want to put it in, just for your satisfaction you can.”

But it was not a switch for the buzzer only. Yes, on the surface it was a switch for the buzzer to the guards, but inside the switch was a microphone. Now the guards have come crying to inform me, “We were seeing it every day: Julian continually coming to change the tape” - the tape was in the bathroom of the guards. “We could not open our mouths because Sheela convinced us that it was for the master’s safety: ‘If anybody enters the room - he sits with closed eyes - if something happens in the room, you will immediately know.’”

Since that buzzer was fixed I was puzzled only about one thing, that whenever she wanted to talk about something that she thought was very secretive - she used to sit at least four, five feet away from me - then she would come close.

I could not understand, because even if it was secret, there was nobody in the room: what was the need to come so close? But she was not coming close to me, she was coming close to the microphone so that everything she said would be picked up exactly, and whatever reply I gave her would also be picked up. She proved a real snake.

And now she is giving interviews to magazines, to television. And she is repeating two things: first, that she had to leave the commune because there was a power struggle. We had never heard about that power struggle. Who was struggling for power?

And the second thing was, “I have so much information with me, almost as much as the ocean, but I will not reveal it.” That is a message to the attorney general of Oregon, to the FBI - that she is willing to reveal it if they give her immunity. Then she can save all those twenty criminals who have escaped from here, and she can point to any people and say that these are the people who did all the wrong deeds.

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