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Chapter 18: One God, One Messenger, One Book - One Big Lie

If you don’t believe in the virgin birth, then you are not a Christian, so what right have you to be a bishop? And you are spreading dangerous ideas in people’s minds. Tomorrow you will say, “I don’t believe in the Holy Ghost.” It is bound to come, that “Who is this fellow, the Holy Ghost? Doing unholy things, making a poor virgin Mary pregnant, still he remains the Holy Ghost!”

And if you suspect the virgin birth and the Holy Ghost, how long can you believe in a God? - because out of the trinity you have already doubted two. The third, you have not seen, and you cannot meet a person who has seen him. They will quote scriptures, but scriptures cannot satisfy a religious man. He wants to taste truth himself. But that creates difficulty for the cult.

The cult may be any: Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian, Jewish; it doesn’t matter - these are all cults.

Perhaps there has been a religious man in the beginning. I say “perhaps” because priests are so cunning they can make a whole church even without a real religious man’s dead body; that is not such a necessity.

I am reminded of a small story.

A young devil comes running to the chief devil and says, “Do something quickly; just now one man has found truth. I am coming directly from there. Something has to be done. His truth has to be stopped, otherwise he will destroy our business.”

It is obvious, if people become truthful and people start discovering truth, what business has the devil left? But the old devil laughed and he said, “You are too young, too new to the business. Our people are already there.”

He said, “But I didn’t see anybody.”

The old devil said, “You will take a little time to understand. Did you see the priests around the man?”

He said, “Yes.”

The devil said, “They are our people. They won’t let the truth go anywhere. They will make a dogma out of it and they will not leave the man who has found the truth. Let him find it. They will surround him - they will become the mediators between him and the masses, and they are our agents.”

All priests are the devil’s agents. They have no interest in truth, no interest in inquiring about the ultimate reality. Their interest is how to exploit man’s fear, man’s greed.

They exploit your fear by creating hell.

They exploit your greed by creating heaven.

They exploit your helpless state by creating God.

They give you certain scriptures, mantras, prayers, and they say, “These will save you; you are protected. You need not be worried, you are not helpless. And we are always there between you and God - you can depend on us.”

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