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Chapter 4: Suddenly You Have Blossomed

But both are hypothetical. I have no objection if God is a woman, but certainly I am immensely happy if the devil is a woman! God may be, may not be, but the devil is certainly a woman; otherwise for such a long eternity the devil could not have been nagging God continuously! From whom is God escaping? Where is he hiding, and from whom? Why has he not the guts to come out, at least once in a while, to remind people that he is still alive? The woman does not allow it.

So I am not certain about God, but, Deva Prachurya, woman is certainly a devil - and vice-versa!

Mrs. Markovitz got a knock on the door.

“It is your husband,” shouted her neighbor, “he is face down in the swimming pool. I think he is drowned.”

“Is today Wednesday?” asked Mrs. Markovitz.

“Yes,” said her neighbor, “it is, but.”

“What time is it?” Mrs Markovitz asked.

“Eleven o’clock, but.” replied her neighbor.

“Then don’t worry about a thing,” said Mrs. Markovitz, “the pool man will be here in an hour!”

The husband has drowned.but the wife and the husband are the greatest enemies in the world; psychologists call them “intimate enemies.” They have always been! It is a very recent development of insight.

God being a woman will create trouble. Then the devil will be a man - because they have to be polar opposites. Perhaps the women’s liberation movement has not thought about the implications of what they are doing. I would like God to be the man and tortured by the devil, the woman, rather than vice-versa, because good can be tortured by bad, but bad cannot be tortured by good. But the question simply has not come up around the world - and women are insisting that God is a woman.

It is really strange that nobody has bothered about the devil, who is a more important person than God. God is only a VIP, the devil is a VVIP! God may have created the world, but the devil is running it - and running it so devilishly and so perfectly.

Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Nadirshah, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Ronald Reagan - who do you think they represent? Certainly not God! They represent the devil, and they have made our history. They are the people who go on creating more and more evil in the world.

Friedrich Nietzsche has declared, “God is dead and man is free.” His statement is incomplete; he has forgotten about the devil. God may be dead - most probably he cannot manage to survive the devil for so long - but the devil is there. And unless the devil is also dead, man cannot be free.

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