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Chapter 34: Not to Be: the Greatest Ecstasy

God is simply a hypothesis just to console our minds, our logic, our rationality - because to conceive the whole world coming out of emptiness, nothingness, seems absurd, illogical.

But the mystics are unanimous about it. One of the greatest mystics who founded the science of yoga, Patanjali, says that God is a hypothesis not a fact, not a truth. The world arises out of nothingness - but that means nothingness is not simply nothingness.

Nothingness does not mean simply no-thing-ness. Nothingness simply means an invisible, pregnant womb. Out of this, the whole world grows and again it disappears into the same nothingness.

From a small seed a big tree grows, brings millions of seeds. They say that even a single seed can make the whole earth green because a single seed will bring millions of seeds, and each seed is as potential as the parent seed. After giving birth to millions of seeds, by and by the tree starts disappearing - the flowers disappear, the branches, the leaves - and one day the tree disappears. From nothing to nothing is our whole journey.

Shunyo, it is true that I am becoming more and more empty - in other words, more and more full of emptiness, more and more spacious. Ultimately one has to become as spacious as the whole universe. That is the moment when the dewdrop disappears into the ocean; or in a better way, the ocean disappears into the dewdrop.

One of the mystics, one of the greatest, was Kabir. He has written.when he was young, he wrote two lines: “My friend, I was searching and searching the truth. I never found the truth; on the contrary the seeker, the searcher disappeared - just as if a dewdrop had fallen into the ocean.”

When he was old, he corrected his statement. He said, “My friend, seeking and searching the truth, I have not found the truth, I have lost myself. The seeker is gone as if the ocean has disappeared into the dewdrop.”

The second comes from a more mature, from a more conscious, more alert Kabir. But whatever way you see it - the dewdrop disappearing into the ocean or the ocean disappearing into the dewdrop - it means exactly the same.

The real and authentic religious search is not of finding but of losing - the idea of finding is still greed. The idea of finding the truth or God or the ultimate still carries something of greed. The true mystic, the true religious person, is finding a way how to lose himself, how not to be - because those few chosen ones who have attained to the state of “not to be” have experienced the greatest ecstasy possible. From “to be” towards “not to be” is the pilgrimage.

Your feeling, Shunyo - you have been with me for many years - is absolutely correct, that I am becoming more and more full of emptiness. My presence is becoming more and more a kind of absence. I am, and I am not. The more I disappear, the more I can be of some help to you.

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