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Chapter 6: The Great Teaching

People like Tilopa have simply disappeared without leaving any trace on the human mind, because they couldn’t find affinity with you. Patanjali may be very, very great, but still he belongs to the same dimension. You may be a very, very small thinker, and Patanjali may be a great, great thinker, but you belong to the same dimension. If you make a little effort you can understand Patanjali; if you make a little effort you can practice Patanjali. Only a little effort is needed, nothing more.

But to understand Tilopa you have to enter into a completely unknown dimension. To understand Tilopa you have to move through chaos. He will destroy all your conceptions, all your mathematics, all your logic, all your philosophy. He will simply destroy you completely. He will not be satisfied unless you are completely destroyed and a new being arises.

With Patanjali you will be modified, you will become better and better and better; and the process is infinite, you can go on for many lives becoming better and better and better. With Tilopa, in a second, you can reach to the ultimate. “Better” is not the question because he doesn’t think in degrees.

It is just as if you are standing on top of a hill, you can take a path of steps and one by one you go downwards to the valley, or from the valley you go up to the hill, but by steps. With Tilopa you simply jump into the abyss, no steps are there; or you simply spread your wings and you start flying. With Patanjali you move in a bullock cart, very slowly, safe, secure, no fear of any accident, the bullock-cart always in control. You can step down any moment, you can stop at any moment; nothing beyond you, you remain the master. And the dimension is horizontal: a bullock-cart moves from A to B, from B to C, from C to D, but the dimension is the same, the same plane. With Tilopa, the dimension changes: it becomes vertical; it is not from A to B, from B to C; no, it is just like an aircraft, not like a bullock-cart, not moving forward but moving upward. With Tilopa you can transcend time. With Patanjali you move in time. With Tilopa eternity is the dimension.

You may not be aware, but within these few ten, twelve years, a miracle has happened, and that is: new spaceships have destroyed the old time concept completely, because a new spaceship can move around the earth, within seconds it can make one circle. You may not be aware of the theoretical problem. It means a spaceship takes off from Pune, it is Sunday; then it goes around the earth - somewhere it must be Monday, somewhere it may still be Saturday. So the spaceship moves from Sunday, goes back into Saturday, jumps forward into Monday, comes back to Pune on Sunday. The whole time concept is lost. It looks absurd! You start on the sixteenth, you move into the seventeenth, and you come back on the same date, the sixteenth. And now this can be done many times in twenty-four hours. What does it mean? It means you can go backwards in time, from Sunday to Saturday, from the sixteenth to the fifteenth. You can go forward into the seventeenth, into Monday, and you can come back on the same date.

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