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Chapter 39: Every Child Is Born a Witness

Man has so many corners. If you see the statue of Buddha, you will see everything is rounded, all the corners have been dropped - he even has no beard, no mustache. Not that he was missing some hormones, no; it is symbolic. It is simply saying that the more he became loving, the more he became feminine, graceful.

Love out of meditation is not a relationship: it is a state of your being. You love because you cannot do otherwise; you have to love. You have only love to give - and this love will be expressed in many ways. Different people, different talents - somebody will paint, somebody will compose music, somebody will dance; but the basic quality is the same.

While painting, the meditator disappears; there is only painting going on, there is no painter. The dancer disappears; there is only dance, there is no dancer. The poet disappears; there is only poetry. And the same is true about all the dimensions in which your creativity can have its expression. You create because you are so overflowing with energy you cannot contain it. So whatever your talent, whatever your genius, your energy will take that dimension.

Any act arising out of meditation has no goal, it has no motivation; its value is intrinsic. While dancing, you are getting all the reward; there is no need for any other reward afterwards. There is no ambition, that you want to become famous, the greatest painter, the greatest poet - all that nonsense is part of the mind, which is egocentric.

Meditation is your egolessness. Just a little taste of it and you will be drawn into the very center of your being. And you will find the paradise that people have been thinking is somewhere in the clouds, far away in the stars.

Paradise is within you, in your state of no-mind. And hell is also within you, in your very mind. The choice is yours. You can move from the mind to no-mind; the bridge is witnessing.

How do I come to know when I am really witnessing my body, feelings and thoughts, or when it is only my mind pretending to be a witness?

The question is only intellectual; you have not even tried to pretend. When you are witnessing and you start feeling that it may be just the pretense of the mind, then it is certainly a pretense of the mind.because who is thinking about it as pretense of the mind? - something behind the pretense.

You can never get confused about witnessing, because behind witnessing there is nothing. You cannot witness witnessing. Anything that you can witness is part of the mind. So if you witness that it is a pretense, it is a pretense. Witness the pretense, don’t get identified with it.

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