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Chapter 4: You Can Be Showered by Flowers of Bliss

But I want you to be still discontented. I want you to hope still, because I know there is much more that is possible for you than you can conceive. I can conceive, because I have known much more and I know that there is no limit to growth. But this point comes to every seeker and searcher at some stage. And this has to be passed, otherwise it can become a danger. It has to be transformed into an indication. It is simply an indication that you have come to the very limit of your mind.

But you are more than your mind, and beyond the mind, there are no limits at all. Then there are skies upon skies, and as you move over one peak, you have another peak immediately confronting you. This existence is inexhaustible. And when I am saying this, I am saying it with absolute authority, because I have passed the moment about which you are asking. I have also felt at one time, “What more can there be? Why go on unnecessarily breathing, why go on every day getting up, knowing perfectly well that what has to happen has happened?” Now it is sheer habit that every evening you have to go to sleep, every morn- ing you have to get up. What is the point of it all?

But I have lived through a very strange space. I have never accepted any limit to anything. When this moment came to me, I insisted that I could not accept that this is all. Life must be much more. And what is the harm in searching? You can die tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. What is the hurry? Why today?

So the first thing is: you are free to die any time. There is no problem, but it is better to inquire more, to investigate more, to explore more.And I promise you that soon you will be surprised to find that at the moment when that desire to die was so strong, you were simply passing through the boundary line of your mind, going beyond the mind into the no-mind. And, in fact, once you have passed this point, you will know for the first time what real life is.

Fulfillment, contentment, feeling richer are all irrelevant. Life is much more. It cannot be confined to these small words: gratitude, love, understanding, sheer joy. Once you have passed through all of them, you will be surprised that there is so much to existence for which no word exists in any language, and which mind has no capacity to understand. Certainly it is not contentment - contentment is a very poor word. It is not just joy, it is not just love. It is so much more that I can only say that these words are like a teaspoon and you are trying with the teaspoon to empty the ocean.

It happened.One of the great philosophers of Greece, Plato, was a contemporary of Diogenes. They were continuously in controversy because Diogenes was a mystic and he knew things which Plato could not even dream of, although Plato was a great philosopher. And in the books and the histories of philosophy, you will find Plato, you will not find Diogenes. But the real thing was with Diogenes, not with Plato, who was a great thinker, a giant intellectual. Diogenes was a simple, childlike, innocent man, but he knew something which thousands of Platos together could not know.

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