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Chapter 21: Little Ernie is Your Brother

I have been told by my bodyworker, Anubuddha, to look all around. He says that because I go on looking in this direction, people want their seats in this direction. And according to him my neck gets disturbed. So from now onward, once in a while I’m going to look all around, just as an exercise.

Where is Avirbhava? She must be holding the wall, because two times the wall has moved towards me.!

I don’t usually ask personal questions about your private life, because I feel it is private and none of our business.
However, one question intrigues me deeply, and I can’t resist asking it: Osho, what is your relationship with little Ernie?

Maneesha, it would have been right if you had not asked this. Little Ernie is your brother, but he is not my son. But he is really cute, intelligent and anybody can be really proud of him.

Little Ernie’s father invites his boss to dinner, in the hope of getting a promotion at work.

Days are spent planning the menu and getting the house just right, but the effect is ruined when little Ernie appears on the stairs just as the boss arrives.

“I wanted to see you,” says Ernie, “because Mum said you were a self-made man.”

“I am,” smiles the boss, “and proud of it!”

“In that case,” says Ernie, “why did you make yourself look so ugly?”

The elevator on a New York skyscraper is packed with people.

Suddenly a tall man screams out in agony.

Little Ernie looks up at his mother, “I don’t care, Mom,” he says, “it was in my face, so I bit it.”

Maneesha, he is everybody’s brother, not only yours. There are a few universal characters. Ernie is one of those universal characters. And you know I talk about all of those universal characters.

But it is good not to ask me personal questions, because they are not going to help you in any way. You are here for your own personal growth, you are not to be worried about my personal life; in fact, I don’t have much personal life. Eighteen hours at least is sleeping.

I have been told many times that I should write my autobiography. What autobiography? No love affair.Even Niskriya is smiling. He must be thinking, “Now look in what trouble I have been up to now.”

I am not in trouble. Just to avoid trouble I am not in any love relationship. And without love relationships, without a wife and children what autobiography.? I am not a man of actions.

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