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Chapter 4: Get Out of Your Dreams

Then why Patanjali? Patanjali is needed because of you. You take such a long time to get out of your sleep, you take such a long time to get out of your dreams; you are so much involved in the dreams, you have so much invested in your dreams - that is why time is needed. Time is not needed because the seed has to become a flower; time is needed because you cannot open your eyes. You have become so accustomed to being with closed eyes, it has become a deep habit. Not only that: you have completely forgotten that you are living with closed eyes. You have completely forgotten it. You think, “What nonsense you are talking! My eyes are already open” - and your eyes are closed.

If I say, “Get out of your dreams,” you say, “I am already awake” - and this too is a dream. You can dream that you are awake, you can dream that your eyes are open; then much time will be needed - not that the flower was not already flowering, but it was so difficult for you to awake. There are many investments; those investments have to be understood. The ego is the basic involvement. If you open your eyes you disappear. Opening the eyes looks like death. It is. So you talk about it, you listen, you think about it, but you never open your eyes because if you really open your eyes, you also know that you will disappear. Then who will you be? A nobody! A nothingness! This nothingness is there if you open your eyes; so it is better to believe that your eyes are already open, and you remain somebody.

The ego is the first involvement. The ego can exist only while you are asleep, just like dreams can exist only while you are asleep. The ego can exist only while you are asleep - metaphysically asleep, existentially asleep. Open your eyes! First you disappear, then God appears: this is the problem. And you are afraid that you may disappear.but that is the door, so you listen, you think about it, but you go on postponing - tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow.

That’s why Patanjali is needed. Patanjali says there is no need to open the eyes immediately; there are many steps. You can come out of your sleep in steps, in degrees. Certain things you can do today, certain things tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow.and it is going to take a long time. Patanjali appeals because he gives you time to sleep. He says there is no need to come out of your sleep right now - just a turning over will do. Then have a little more sleep; then do something else. Then by and by, in degrees..

He is a great persuader. He persuades you out of your sleep. Zen shocks you out of your sleep. That’s why a Zen master can hit you on your head; never a Patanjali. A Zen master can throw you out of the window; never a Patanjali. Because a Zen master uses shock treatment - you can be shocked out of sleep, so why go on trying to persuade you? Why waste time?

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