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Chapter 20: Don’t Drop - Transform!

And then the struggle, the constant conflict, the nagging. And naturally it is not one-sided; the woman is even more jealous than the man. But the responsibility goes on man because he has not allowed the woman as much freedom as he had allowed himself.

Can’t you see it? There are women prostitutes. For centuries they have existed - it is said that they are the oldest profession.perhaps. I say perhaps, because in my opinion the priests are the oldest profession. Without the priests there cannot be prostitutes. Who will call them prostitutes? Who will condemn them?

But whether the first or the second, it is really one of the oldest professions. But male prostitutes are a very recent development. Strange - why for centuries did only women remain prostitutes? Why were there not, parallel to women, male prostitutes?

The reason is simple. Man has his world of freedom; those prostitutes are his freedom. He does not allow the woman the same freedom. Just in this decade, and that too only in very sophisticated cites like London and Tokyo, have male prostitutes appeared. This is a good symptom, because if man has the freedom to purchase love, if he has a market, a love market, then the woman should also have the right.

In the same way, in every field, man has cut the woman’s freedom. In most countries, in most cultures, for most of the time, the woman was economically dependent. She is still, in ninety-nine percent of the world, dependent on man. And you can see the simple arithmetic.

When you are economically dependent you cannot be independent spiritually either. Then spiritual freedom is just talk; economically you are dependent on the man. You are continually afraid he may leave you, he may disappear - just like Werner Erhard, the founder of “est.”

One day he disappeared from his home, leaving his wife, his children, his old parents. He not only disappeared, he changed his name. He is a Jew - and Werner Erhard is a German name. You can see the logic; moving from being a Jew to being a German is going to the opposite pole. Nobody now will recognize him as a Jew. Have you ever heard of a Jew adopting a German name?

Now, if a husband escapes, starts a new relationship somewhere.. The woman is dependent on him economically, children are there - how is she going to live now? In almost every culture, woman has not been allowed education because education will make her independent, at least potentially independent: if a time of difficulty comes she can stand on her own feet.

Uneducated, without any knowledge of the world, of business, how is she going to survive? The only way left for her is to be a prostitute. All that she knows is that she can sell her body. She has nothing else to sell. Naturally she was more jealous, afraid, clinging - clinging as a creeper clings to a tree.

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