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Chapter 1: Beyond Enlightenment Is Only Beyondness

After the black hole was almost an established theory, scientists started thinking that there must be something like a white hole - there has to be. If it is possible that in a certain gravitation, magnetic force, a big star simply disappears out of existence. We have been aware that every day many stars are born. From where are they coming? - nobody has asked it before.

In fact, birth we always take for granted; nobody asks from where the babies are coming. Death we never accept, because we are so much afraid of it. There is not a single philosophy in the whole history of man which thinks about where babies come from, but there are philosophies and philosophies thinking about what death is, where people go on disappearing to, what happens after death.

In my whole life I have come across millions of people, and not a single person has asked what happens before birth - and thousands have asked what happens after death. I have always been thinking: why is birth taken without any question? Why is death not taken in the same way?

We were aware for centuries, almost three centuries, that stars are being born every day - big stars, huge stars - and nobody raised the question: “From where are these stars coming?” But when we came to know about the black holes and we saw the stars disappearing, then the second question became almost an absolute necessity. If black holes can take stars into nothingness, then there must be something like white holes where things, stars, come out of nothingness.

I am reminded. Mulla Nasruddin applied for a post on a ship. He was interviewed. The captain and the high officials of the ship were sitting in a room. Mulla entered. The captain asked, “If the seas are in a turmoil, winds are strong, waves are huge and mountainous, what are you going to do to save the ship? It is tossed from here to there.”

Mulla Nasruddin said, “It is not much of a problem. I will just drop a huge anchor to keep the ship stable against the winds, against the waves. It is not much of a problem.”

The captain again said, “Suppose another mountainous wave comes and the ship is going to be drowned; what are you going to do?”

He said, “Nothing - another huge anchor.”

The captain looked at him and asked a third time, “Suppose it is a great typhoon and it is impossible to save the ship. What are you going to do?”

He said, “Nothing, the same, a huge anchor.”

The captain said, “From where are you getting these huge anchors?”

He said, “From the same place. The same place from where you are getting these great, mountainous waves, strong winds. You go on getting them, I will go on getting bigger and bigger anchors.”

If there are holes in existence where things simply disappear into non-existence, then there must be holes from where things appear from nothingness - just a little imagination is needed. Scientists have not worked on it yet.

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