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Chapter 9: There Is No Help Possible

The monkey shook his head. He said, “It is impossible. I thought that if there was something I could do I would do it, but this is impossible. If you told me to fetch the moon I could bring it; if you told me to remove the Himalayas I could do it; if you told me to force the Ganges to run up-current I could do it - because in the old ancient days other monkeys like Hanuman have been known to do it. I am a monkey, I have the potentiality, I can also do it - but sitting silently, doing nothing? Sir, that is impossible. It is against my nature, it would drive me crazy. If God comes through silence then God is not for me and I am not for God.”

Human mind is nothing but a monkey. Man has not changed much. Charles Darwin says that man has evolved only on the surface - deep down man is as restless as other monkeys. Man has not evolved much. The real man is born only when your inner monkey completely disappears, utterly disappears.

To be a man means to be a no-mind. The constant chattering of the mind inside, the inner talk, the monologue, continues day and night, year in, year out, from birth to death. Whatsoever you are doing is irrelevant, it continues deep inside you. That chattering is the only thing that is irreligious, the only sin, the original sin. Once that chattering stops, miracles start happening to you. Such great mysteries become revealed that you cannot contain them. Such a vast sky starts pouring into you that you cannot believe it. It is incredible. You start expanding. Then the whole universe is something within you. Then you are not within the universe but the universe is within you. Then stars and moons and suns circle within your heart.

But if this happens without a master you will go mad. It is mind that is holding you together. Whatsoever you are - even if you are a monkey - it is mind that is holding you together. The mind is your illness and also your normality. Because of the mind you are tethered to the earth. Without the mind you would not be tied anywhere. You would be so loose and so free you might disperse. Who would hold you? What would be your definition then? Mind gone, ego goes. The ego is the center of the mind, the very heart of the monkey. Mind gone, greed is gone. Mind gone, ambition is gone. Mind gone, competition is gone. Mind gone, future and past are gone. Mind gone, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, are gone. Mind gone, Indian, German, Chinese - nationalities are gone. Mind gone, the body is no more you. Your own mother is not your mother, your own father is not your father, your own son is no longer your son. All relationship disappears because the relationship exists in the mind.

Just think of a moment with the mind suddenly gone - where will you be? What will you be? You will lose all identity. You will simply melt and disappear, evaporate. It will be maddening.hence without the master the path is very risky. And when the glimpse of the beyond comes to you for the first time it will shatter you and you will not be able to see the positivity of it - you will see just the negativity of it. You will see what it has taken away from you, you will not be able to see what it is giving you. Naturally you are acquainted with your past and the past is going away, fast You will simply see yourself as disappearing.

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