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Chapter 4: The Good Wife

It took many days for the police to bring the things out, to count how many things there were and how many dollars they had left behind. They had never put any money in the bank - because nobody knows, banks can go bankrupt. And they lived like poor beggars. They could have lived rich lives, but a miser always lives a poor beggar’s life. A miser is really a beggar, the ultimate in beggary. You cannot find a greater beggar than a miser: he has it and he cannot use it.

Then there are other types of people: they are just the reverse image of a miser. They renounce everything, they escape. It was said of Vinoba Bhave that if you brought money to him he would simply close his eyes. He would not touch it; he would not look at the money. This seems to be another extreme. Why be so afraid of money - why this fear? Why close your eyes? What is wrong with money? Nothing is wrong with money, but you are afraid. This is the reverse image of the miser, because the man is afraid that if he looks at the money then the desire for it will arise.

Remember, if you are afraid of looking at money, at a beautiful woman, if you are afraid to look, what does it show? It shows that a fear is there that if you look at a beautiful woman, desire will arise. You are afraid of the desire and you have suppressed it: then you cannot even look. This is the most obscene type of mind. If you cannot look at a beautiful woman, what are you doing? - your whole sexuality has become cerebral. You cannot even use your eyes now. No, they are not eyes, they have become genital organs. You are afraid, because if you look then you don’t know what will happen. You are afraid of yourself, that’s why you cannot see. One can move from one extreme to another: one can hoard money or one can throw it to the dogs and escape from it to the Himalayas, but both types are the same.

Twice is enough, once is not enough, thrice is too much. Why can’t you remain in the middle? - because in the middle, mind disappears. It is just like the pendulum: the pendulum goes on moving to the right and to the left. You know that if the pendulum is moving from right to left and from left to right the clock is functioning. If the pendulum is maintained in the middle, balanced, all movement gone, the clock stops. And when the pendulum goes to the left you only think it is going to the left, but it is gathering momentum to go to the right. So where is it going? When it goes to the left it is gathering momentum. This going to the left is nothing but a preparation to go to the right. It goes to the left, gathers the energy, the momentum, then it goes to the right. Left-right it moves - those two extremes keep it moving.