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Chapter 12: I Am the First World Citizen

Devageet, your soul is as rich as any Gautam Buddha or as any Jesus or as any Lao Tzu. Your soul does not need anything - except discovery. Never think for a moment that the soul is poor; it is the richest exploration. The finding of it will make you far richer than the richest man in the world. Emperors will look like beggars.

Today in America, which is the richest country, the richest men have only four and a half billion dollars; in Japan, the richest man in the world has twenty-one billion dollars. But their souls are completely forgotten. They are only counting their money, knowing perfectly well that all that money is soaked in blood; all that money is out of exploitation of the starving, of the retarded. The retarded and starving have been kept retarded and starving; otherwise it would be difficult to exploit them.

You cannot exploit an intelligent man.

You cannot exploit a man of understanding.

You cannot exploit a man who knows his own eternal being.

Devageet, your soul needs discovery not nourishment. Soul is not material, it is your eternal energy. It was before your death, it will be after your death.

But for your mind, the first sutra:

.A smile is the shortest distance between people.

But even smiles have disappeared. People have fallen so far apart that nobody truly smiles; all smiles have become Jimmy Carter smiles. It is very difficult to find a smile which is not plastic. Just stretching your lips from ear to ear does not mean you are smiling; you may be exercising your lips.!

And have you seen any photograph of Jimmy Carter since he was no longer president of America? I have seen many. I have been watching: the smile has simply disappeared; he looks a sad, defeated, frustrated man. The smile was not his, it was political, diplomatic. This is really ugly, that people cannot even smile at each other. So I can certainly say it is a significant sutra: a smile is the shortest distance between people.

.A statesman is a politician who did not get caught.

They are all thieves, they are all cheats, they are criminals. But when they are not caught, then the politician raises his status: he becomes a statesman.

.Life without wife is better than wife without life.

.While attending a baseball match, the American president, Ronald Reagan, was accidentally hit on the head by a baseball. Next day, the newspaper headlines read: “Reagan’s head X-rayed - reveals nothing.”

.A salesman knocks on the front door of a house and a little boy opens it, turns to his mother and calls, “Hey, Mom, it’s a live commercial.”

.There is always something about your success that displeases even your best friends. I have been asked again and again why America destroyed our commune, and I have answered, “Because we were so successful.” If we had not been successful nobody would have cared. But because we were successful in transforming a desert - which had never produced anything green - into a beautiful oasis, even friends became enemies.

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