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Chapter 2: An Open Future With No Reverse Gear

A dog had become enlightened. Now nobody can prevent.anybody can become enlightened. There is no law that prevents people; it is not a crime to become enlightened. And the dog was very articulate, he went around the capital telling every dog, “Your only problem is that you unnecessarily go on barking. This disease of barking has been preventing your enlightenment. Look at me: I never bark.”

From the morning till late in the night he made a round to every dog until they accepted that he was enlightened, and there was no doubt about it. They felt ashamed, but what to do? - a dog is a dog! Whenever a dog sees somebody in uniform, he cannot resist barking. Dogs are very much against uniforms - postmen, policemen, sannyasins.The dog, just as he sees the uniform, is immediately against the person. He seems to be a great freedom lover; this uniform represents slavery. There must be some philosophy in the minds of the dogs, because they take so much trouble - they get tired from barking.

Because they could not stop barking, they had to accept the nonbarking dog as the enlightened one. He is almost the Gautam Buddha of the dogs, his achievement is great: “We are all proud that you are born amongst us; we will worship you. We will remember you, we will teach our children about the golden days when you were alive. But forgive us, we try hard. The more we try hard not to bark, the barking comes more forcibly.”

One full moon night.and dogs are also against the moon; nobody knows why. In fact, in all the languages there are words for mad people. In English lunatic is synonymous with mad people, a mad person. But in its root meaning lunatic means moonstruck; luna means the moon.

In Hindi the same is the situation: the madman is said to be chandmara, killed by the moon. The moon drives people mad; it drives even the ocean mad.

Poets get affected, painters get affected. Most of the people who commit suicide do it on a full moon night; more people go insane on a full moon night.

So if dogs bark the whole night, nobody can condemn them - they have something of the poet, something of the madman, some aesthetic sense, some feeling of the ocean. But they cannot tolerate the full moon, and because we don’t understand their language, we call it barking. Who knows, they may be reciting poetries praising the moon.perhaps their barking is their way of prayer..

One full moon night all the dogs decided that there is a limit to being condemned continuously: “That enlightened dog is too much. You bark, and suddenly he comes. He goes on hiding here and there, watching dogs. This full moon night make a commitment: we may die but we will not bark. And we will not open our eyes so we don’t see the moon.”

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