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Chapter 9: Death: The Climax of Life

To me, therefore, love is very significant: if you can love, you can meditate easily. But the whole society is against love, the whole culture is against love. They take every precaution so that love should not happen. They have created marriage so that love should not happen. Through marriage they have tried to close the very door. Before you get involved in love - a death process - they have protected you. They have created all types of teachings, all types of nonsense in your mind, to make love immoral.

And, basically, you are also afraid because in love you will have to lose your identity. You want to remain yourself so you go on protecting yourself. Even if you move in love, you move in a very protected way, very carefully. You remain an individual even in love. You remain an ego. So two egos meet, but the meeting is only going to be an appearance. They can come near, but the meeting never happens. They never dissolve into each other; they never lose themselves into each other.

If you can love, meditation will be very easy. The world will be more religious if love is accepted, helped along, and love becomes a natural milieu around you. Then meditation will be very easy because you will know a taste through love of what it means to be dissolved, even if only for a single moment. Then you can dare to be dissolved for longer moments.

And if you can love, you will not be afraid of death. Lovers are never afraid of death. And if a person is afraid of death, you can be certain that he has not loved and he has not been loved. The fear of love shows that the life has been without love. Lovers are ready to die very easily. They can die for each other. They do not care much about so-called life because they have known a higher quality of life; they have known a higher life. They do not care about this life very much.

But look at persons who have never loved. They will always be afraid of death. Look at misers: they will always be afraid of death. And misers are those persons who have not loved anyone because if you can love a person you will never love money. Money is a substitute. When you cannot love an individual, when you cannot love a live person, you love dead money.

Misers, those who go on clinging to their possessions, are not even acquainted with what love is. Their whole love has gone to dead money. And why has it gone? There are deeper connections. A person who is too much attached to money will be afraid of death. Really, a person who is afraid of death will love money too much because money seems to be a protection against death. If you have money you feel protected. If you do not have any money you feel unprotected. Death can occur and you cannot do anything. With money you feel that you can do something. Money will be helpful.

A person who loves will not love money because a person who loves will not be afraid of death. And if a person is not afraid of death, there cannot be any clinging, attachment, mad obsession with money. It is impossible.

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