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Chapter 12: The Magical Door of Eternity

The question that you have asked is very rare and unique. It is significant to recognize one’s ignorance, most significant. Because the moment one recognizes his ignorance, it goes through a transformation, it becomes innocence. That is the only difference between ignorance and innocence. Ignorance goes on saying, “I know.” Innocence comes to the realization that, “I don’t know a thing, I’m utterly ignorant.”

That is the first important thing about your question - the recognition of ignorance; with such humbleness, without any idea of what you are doing, that you are already going through a transformation just by asking the question. You are no longer ignorant, but just innocent like a child. And only that innocence can understand what I am going to say to you.

You are asking: “What do you see in me that I don’t see?” I see you. And that’s what you don’t see, because you never go inside deeply enough - deeply enough to encounter yourself. You go round and round, but always outside yourself. You have to step down inside, into the depths of your unconscious, in the darkness where your roots are.

People don’t look within themselves, out of fear. But the darkness within has nothing to be afraid of. It is another name of silence - utter peace. Light is a disturbance, but darkness is never a disturbance. And the deeper you go, you will find new depths which you have never even dreamed of.

And when you reach to the very last core of your being, there is suddenly an explosion. You have encountered yourself; you have seen your face in a mirror. You have recognized who you are.

You are not your name, you are not your body, you are not your mind, you are not your feelings, and you are not your heart. Anything that you have ever been identified with has nothing to do with your reality. You are only a pure witness - this is what I know about you, and you don’t know.

I know this about you, because I know this about me. We are all made of the same stuff, called consciousness. The moment one knows oneself, he has known all the secrets of life, existence, consciousness. Nothing remains unknown to him; all the mysteries and all the secrets suddenly open their doors to the witness. You have just to find your witnessing self. And don’t wait, thinking that somebody else can do it for you. That inward-going has to be done alone; there is no way to take a companion with you.

This is one of the greatest privileges of human beings: that nobody can enter into their interiority; their freedom is absolute, no interference is possible. The body can be killed, but the consciousness cannot even be touched. The body can be burned, but the consciousness will not be affected in any possible way. Even nuclear weapons have no power to reach to the consciousness. The witness will always be beyond everything that can happen to you. It will always be a witness to it; hence it will be always beyond it.

What I am seeing in you.I am provoking you, persuading you, seducing you to know it for yourself. Because with it come all the joys and all the blessings of existence. With it comes suddenly the spring that never leaves.

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