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Chapter 10: Life Is Not Short, Life Is Eternal

I never want anybody to accept anything from me as a belief, but only as a hypothesis. Because I know the truth of it, I need not enforce belief and faith on you. Knowing the truth I can say to you, “It is just for experiment, a temporary hypothesis,” because I am absolutely certain that if you experiment, your hypothesis will change into your own knowing - not in a belief, not in a faith, but in a certainty. And only certainties can save you. Beliefs are boats made of paper.

One should not think that one can cross the ocean of existence on a boat made of paper. You need a certainty.not a belief, but a truth that is experienced by yourself. Not somebody else’s truth, but your own. Then it is a joy to go into the unknown, uncharted ocean; it is a tremendous excitement and ecstasy.

But always keep in tune with your own nature.

Some trees grow slowly, some trees grow fast; there is nothing special in growing fast or in growing slowly. One thing is similar to both trees - they are both following their natures. It is only man who looks all around, starts comparing, and gets into unnecessary anxieties.

Whenever you feel a problem, look within your heart. If you are at ease, you are on the right path. Your heart is the criterion. If it is disturbed, that means you have to change the path; something has gone wrong, you have gone astray.

The heart is your guide. When it is completely in harmony with nature, there is a beautiful dance and a music in your heart. When you go away from nature the music becomes just noise, the dance becomes disturbed. These are the signs and the language of the heart to make you aware whether you are going right or wrong.

You don’t need any guidance from anybody. Your guide is within yourself.

Yes, you have disturbed my slumber; now, waking to a morning sun, birds sing and leaves dance in the breeze. Sitting in your garden is so sweet. Sitting with you, there is more and more joy each day. Is this juice in your presence increasing so much these days, or am I just now noticing what’s been here all along?

What you are experiencing now has always been here, but you were not here. For the first time you are also here - that’s why you are noticing.

You may have come here many times, but it was only a coming of your physical body. Your mind was wandering somewhere else, your being was not here. Now you have known the knack to be here and now, and the juice that you are feeling will go on growing, because your presence will go on becoming more and more crystallized.

The juice has always been here, the flowers have always been blossoming here, the cool breeze was always blowing here, the trees and the sun rays.but you were blind.

For the first time you have opened your eyes, for the first time your senses have become alive. The more alive they become, the more profound are the experiences waiting for you. It all depends on your sensitivity, your awareness, your being silently just here and now.

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