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Chapter 8: Love Has No I

Farid said, “I thought that you were an emperor, but I have found that you also are a beggar. I thought that I would ask for a school for the town - I did not know that you also ask God to increase your wealth and your treasure. It does not seem right to ask for something from a beggar. I thought that you were an emperor and now I see that you are a beggar, so I am leaving.”

You are all beggars, and you all go on asking other beggars for that which they don’t have. And when you don’t get it, you become sad: you weep and cry and feel that you are not getting love.

Love is not something to be obtained from the outside: love is the music of your inner being. Nobody can give you love. Love can arise within you but it cannot be obtained from the outside. There is no shop, no market, no salesman from whom you can purchase love. Love cannot be purchased at any price.

Love is an inner flowering; it arises from some dormant energy within. Yet all of us search for love on the outside. All of us search for love in the beloved - which is an absolutely wrong and futile thing to do.

Search for love within yourself. You cannot even imagine that there might be love inside yourself because love is always associated with the idea of a beloved. It gives you the idea of someone else outside. And because you don’t remember how love can arise within you, the energy of love remains dormant. You don’t realize that you are always asking for something outside which is already within you. And because you are asking for it outside, you do not look inside. Then that which could have arisen within, never does.

Love is the essential treasure with which each individual is born. Man is not born with money, money is social accumulation. But man is born with love. It is his birthright, it is his individual wealth, it is within him. It is a companion which was given to him at birth and which has accompanied him his whole life. But very few are fortunate enough to look within and to see where love is, how it can be found and how it can be developed. So you are born, but your wealth remains unexplored. In fact it is never explored at all, and you go on begging at others’ doors, holding out your hands because you want love.

All over the world there is only one desire: for love. And all over the world there is only one complaint: I am not getting any love. And when you do not get love, you accuse others of being at fault because you do not get love. The wife says to her husband, “There is something wrong with you, that’s why I am not getting any love.” The husband says to his wife, “There is something wrong with you, that’s why I'm not getting any love.” And no one ever wonders if it has ever been possible to get love from the outside.

Love is the inner treasure - and love itself is the music of the veena of the heart.

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