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Chapter 17: Wholeness Is Holiness

A whole earth is possible, but the earth has never been whole. Now, for the first time, barriers are breaking. This breakdown of the old barriers will have to be consciously worked out. Unconsciously, it will take a longer time; consciously, it can be done very easily and with less pain and less suffering. Now man should not belong to any land, to any culture, to any civilization, to any religion. Now, for the first time, man must belong to the whole earth.

The very basis of thinking in terms of East and West, this and that, belongs to the past. For the future, it is not only foolish, it is deeply harmful. But how can this be made possible? This can be made possible in three ways.

One, the mind must not be trained in any one attitude. The mind must be trained simultaneously in both the attitudes. A child must not be trained only in logic, doubt and science; he must be trained for trust, for meditation, for religious sensitivity. And these trainings must go simultaneously.

For example, if one person marries someone who belongs to another group of languages - for example, one German marries one Indian - then the children will be bilingual from their very beginning. If you are born in one language group, you learn one language as your mother tongue. Then afterwards you can learn another language, but the second language will always be a secondary language; it will be imposed over and above the first and the first will always color it. Deep down in the unconscious the original language will exist, and only in the conscious will the second language exist.

One of my friends was in Germany for twenty years. This was such a long time that he forgot his own mother tongue, Marathi. Then he fell ill and he was in a hospital. The doctors were in a difficulty, because whenever he was conscious he would use German, and when sometimes he would become unconscious - the disease was such that periodically he would become unconscious - then he would speak Marathi. Then he would not be able to understand German at all.

The deep unconscious knows the first language, the second is imposed. But for a bilingual child who is born between two languages, both are mother tongues. He has no difficulty in moving from one to another. Really, he will never feel any difficulty in moving from one language to another.

Science is one language toward reality and religion another language towards reality: science detached language, religion intimate language. They both must be taught simultaneously, they both must become one. The child must never know that they are alternatives to choose between. A mind must be trained in doubt - doubt for science, and a mind must also be trained in trust - trust for life.

To us they are opposites because we were never trained that way. That is the only thing. To us they are opposites, faith and doubt. We say, “If I have faith, then how can I doubt?” Or, “If I am a doubting man, if I can doubt, then how can I have faith?” Really, this division is stupid because their dimensions are different.

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